Sticks and stonesMature

Work went from eight in the morning to six thirty, every hour he worked was boring and tedious. Adler worked as a secretary since he hadn't gone to college and no one else would hire him. Climbing out of his small office chair he looked around, seeing no one there. Everyone usually left before him, since he had to stay back and file paperwork for the doctor there. Placing a few papers in the filing cabinet the large man undid the first button of his shirt since he was digging into his chest, as he made his way out of the office he locked the door, pulling on his black hoodie and pulling the hood over his head. It was snowing again, which didn't surprise the annoyed guy. Flipping open his phone he dialed Mason's number, asking if he was ready for him since he didn't want to come into the house and just sit around waiting for the other to be done cooking. When the little boy answered the phone Addie could hear him sniffling slightly, making him worry. Why was he worrying about a person he found so annoying? Forcing the strange feeling of worry down into the recesses of his brain he asked what was wrong. “Nothing. Its just cold in here is all.” It was an obvious lie, but Adler took it and sighed.


Alright, well when should I be over, I know I said seven but I have a feeling your not going to be ready then.” Hearing a weak laugh at the other end as he opened his car and climbed in Adler made a face, getting slightly annoyed at the sound of his laugh. It was mocking almost, at least it seemed that way. “What the hell is so funny?” He growled into the phone, turning on his car he listened intently, hearing a door close. “I'll be ready with dinner at eight, please don't get drunk before you come over.” Rolling his eyes he agreed quietly into the phone, making his way home after closing the phone. The drive was rather stressful since he nearly hit someone twice, the same person kept on hitting their brakes on green lights. By the time he got to Mason's house he could clearly see him through the window, sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. Was he late? Checking his phone as he pulled into his own home he noted the time, it was only seven twenty.


This just added to mystery, mainly because the small brunette was never upset over anything. Climbing out of his car he unlocked the door to his home, and wandered in. Adler pulled out some of his pot and began to smoke a joint. Mason had said nothing about weed. When the joint was gone, and he was sufficiently high the larger male re gelled his hair. Making it spiky like Mason liked. For all he knew it could turn into a sex match like their first date had, so he wanted to be prepared. Shoving a condom into his pocket at seven forty he left his house, a coat wrapped around his body since it was snowing. The fluffy hood hung around his thick neck, keeping the slightly tanned skin completely warm. Though his face was another story, even so it didn't really matter to him, after all he was high.


Knocking on the door he heard a shifting of one of the chairs, before a pause, then the door opened. There was Mason with red eyes, obviously having been crying. Stepping past him into the house Adler turned to look at him as the door closed. His red eyes for some reason hitting a cord in his brain dispute his high condition. Reaching out without thinking he pet a couple tears away, before retreating towards the kitchen table. Mason flinched at the contact, but didn't seem to mind the caring hand that dried his eyes. “Your early” He stated softly, going into the kitchen to check on the food. The dark haired male nodded, his voice gruff, but it wasn't in a scary way. His voice was a little gruff from screaming at the driver in front of him. “Yeah Sorry. I didn't have anything to do that wouldn't make me late so I came over.” Was his calm reply, though his mind was filing through the reasons why the cute boy could be crying.


Why did it matter? He was annoying, always too happy. It was good he was crying, wasn't it? Being high made his mind work a lot faster then it normally would, so he decided that all the happiness was just fake. Mason was always sad and his own neighbor never even noticed. Had he been sad back in high school? Sure he'd seen some bruises but Adler always thought they were from their rough sex. As Mason returned with the food he looked shocked by the gentle look on Adler's strong features “...Adler are you high?' The puffy eyed boy asked in a slightly annoyed tone. He nodded slowly, removing his coat since he was getting warm. “It helps me think.”


~PC (perspective change)


Rolling his eyes Mason put the food down and allowed the high male to get his plate first. “What is there to think about?” Watching the strong jaw clench he felt his own body knot up in terror. Was Adler mad at him for something? Shifting uncomfortably he noted the other calm down, sighing instead of yelling. “Your bruised on the neck Mason, and you've been crying. I'm just worried about you is all. I know our breakup wasn't the nicest way to go but I still am protective of you. Despite how annoying you are sometimes...” Was he telling the truth or was the other just trying to get the information out of him? Eying the attractive man as he put food up on his plate the brunette sighed weakly, lowering his head and willing himself not to cry in front of the one he loved most.


Hearing the other start to eat slowly the slightly smaller male put a small amount of food on his plate, still feeling too ill to eat. For an hour they were silently eating, when Adler started up the conversation again. 'You really need to talk to someone about this Mason. You look like shit, not physically but you know. You just seem so off compared to your normal happy attitude.” Glancing away Mason shook his head, not wanting to tell what had been happening ever since he was small. Another sound that made him flinch, the others chair shifting and footsteps. Feeling a hand gently touch his head he looked up, his face at the others stomach. “Mace...” He cooed, god that nickname brought back so many good memories. Leaning forward he rested his blue eyes in the soft fabric of Adler's shirt. “You haven't called me that since I broke up with you...” He whimpered weakly, remembering how he'd moan that name at night. Before he'd climb on the bus how the nickname would be called to get a goodbye kiss.


Sniffling weakly he felt that strong hand continuously stroke his light brown hair, though completely silent through the sniffles. Pleading in his mind not to cry he sighed into the shirt, reaching his arms up and hugging the stomach closer to his face. “I'll tell you if we have a night like back in high school. I miss those days more then anything.” He stated, hearing the man above him chuckle lowly. Though he didn't object, he only stated that they should clean the table off first. After the table was cleared Mason felt a kiss part his lips, their tongues wrestling softly. At first he tried to dominate the larger male with the kiss, but was soon submitting instead. It was just like back in high school, except Adler was so much gentler. Why was this? Groaning into the kiss he felt his hips being pulled towards the others. Still fully clothed the sighed contently, clinging to the front of the bigger man as he was carried into the more secluded bedroom.




Clothes were tossed haphazardly across the room as Adler set to work on pleasing the quivering male under him. They were dry humping for almost an hour before the clothes were even bothered to be touched. Something stopped him though, his chest tightening at the sight of Mason's bruised body. Hand marks, scratches, bite marks. Everything. They were all over his body. His ass, hips, chest. Even on his inner thighs. Wincing at the sight he kissed one of the wounds on his chest softly, hearing a displeased whimper from the boy under him. “Sorry.” The answers would come soon he was sure, so he ignored the wounds and set to work on pleasing Mason. From what he saw, he deserved a bit of pleasure.

The End

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