Sticks And Stones: Sequel To Words Will Never Hurt Me

5 months earlier…


I turned around just in time to see a head full of red hair bob and weave through the crowd towards me. I laughed at the overly happy look on her face as she stops in front of me. She waves, almost so quick that I missed it entirely. Her bubbly self was grinning at me deviously, waiting for me to say the first word.

I sighed, mockingly and crossed my arms. If she wanted to play this game, then so could I. She laughed at the stubborn expression that I managed to do without laughing or breaking my composure. She jumped up and gracefully wrapped her arms and legs around my upper body, making sure I got the message, bit my neck, playfully. I pried her off, but it was like pulling a piece of chicken out of a dog’s mouth.

I gave up and dropped my arms. “Hello, Amber.”

“Hiiiiii Meghan!”  Drawing out the i, Amber Maine my best friend in the whole entire world jumped off of me and walked by my side again like a normal person. I glanced over at her, the same time she glanced at me. We started laughing again, like little kids as we made our way to my car.

“Did you hear that David and Ophelia broke up yesterday?” She gushed, turning away from my car and towards me.

My eyes widened. “David Celaire? The David Celaire? That’s amazingly horrible. I mean, for Ophelia. She must feel awful.”

The thing was, I’d had a thing for David ever since the first time I saw him. He was playing tackle football on the little league teams down at the national park. He had been playing the quarterback, as he does now. He was a typical jock though, mean to all of those that didn’t run with the same people as any of his friends. I wasn’t one of his friends, but he seemed to make it a habit to pick on the way my pale seem to pop out among a crowd, or how my red hair is oh, so frizzy and unable to be tamed, or how my short petite frame matched one of a midget.

He’d made me cry so many times that by the time all of my tears were gone, I still felt terrible, so I began hurting myself, at first it started with pinching and scratching, but it began to need to be more, so I fished out a razor that my father used and cut myself with it. The wounds hurt badly, but not as much as David’s words had. I’d even had thoughts of suicide and although you wouldn’t be able to tell, I wish I had never been born.

“Hello? Earth to Meghan!” Amber was jumping and waving her hands in front of my face. I shook my head, confused. How long had I been lost in my own thoughts?

Her features lighted up with relief. “Oh good! I thought I would be going to your mother telling her something like, hey you I love your strawberry shortcake, oh and by the way Meghan died daydreaming! Sorry! Bye!”

I shook my head at her attempt to make me laugh. Sadly, it worked. I giggled girlishly, covering my mouth with my hand. As our laughter died down, I thought, why did I ever have to lay eyes on David Celaire?

The End

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