Sticks and StonesMature


Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt me.
Bullshit! You end up hurt more when you’re alone
As your desire for blood runs thirsty

But a punch, when it hits you.
It hurts for a while and then fades.
But a word…it sticks with you!
And leads to you playing with blades.

The sword isn’t mightier than the pen
But the pen leads to a sword play suicide, then again.
Today’s generation are more inventive with pain.
Gettin’ in fights, using knives, like they’re playin’ a game.

Physical pain is better; than hurting in the brain.
Because you’re hurt is temporary, but forever is insane
Words just lead to burning, scolding, cutting, which ever is better?
And a blood stained kiss. On a suicide letter.

Whoever told you this playground crap,
They obviously lied.
Either that or they’ve never bared witness
To a teen suicide.


Ryan Smith

The End

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