Sticks and stonesMature

About adler and Mason, who haven't been close since they dated in highschool, you'll see what happens!

The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon, spewing its golden light over the snowy hills and valleys of the small rural town. People were already starting to seep out of their houses, climbing into their cars for work. A few still clung to their beds, unwilling to wake up from their deep slumbers. One in particular would stand out if he was seen, a mass of short black hair with streaks up the sides half way covered by a blanket, the owner's face hidden in a memory foam pillow. An alarm went off, causing the dozing inhabitant to sit straight up with a yelp, his brown eyes large as dinner plates. His face was wide, but not fat, with a strong chin and barely noticeable cheekbones. He had striking green eyes that could make any person who looked at him cower in fear. It wasn't to say that this man was scary or mean, no in fact he was usually rather nice. Looking about thoughtfully the male sighed, smacking off the blasting alarm with a tired groan.


His name was Adler, and his name didn't fit him at all. Things often went over his head, his perception of things was usually skewed by his drug habit. He'd often be drunker then holly hell, or high on pot. That was his life when he wasn't working. Stepping out of bed he noted his hard on, which was standing defiantly within his boxers. Giving an annoyed sigh Adler or better known as Addie stepped into his bathroom, pulling off his boxers and jerking off quickly. It took only twenty minutes for him to finish up, it landing in the shower rather then on the floor which was good. Less to clean up. Stepping over the cum in his shower the well built man turned on the shower, standing away from the stream as it washed away his release. After he was sure that his cum was gone the large man stepped into the line of fire, allowing the water to run down his chest.


Tan flesh glistened under the warm water, his arm muscles flexing and relaxing as he began to scrub off the night's sweat. Adler wasn't bad looking in any stretch of the imagination. Standing at six four, weighting about two hundred pounds he was easily stronger then many guys at his work. He had a slight six pack, well defined hips with a eight inch cock hanging down between his legs. This particular feature usually brought the woman running to him, sadly he wasn't interested in the ladies. No he was more interested in guys, not guys like him. No he was more interested in bottoms, the shorter boys who were more innocent then himself. Those boys who looked at the world with a sense of childlike wonder. Not that he was into kids, nah. The guys had to be a year older then himself if he'd be interested in dating them.


After his shower was complete, and he felt clean all over the groggy male stepped carefully out of the shower onto a blue rug. His mind was still foggy from sleep, but he was starting to wake up slowly. Wrapping a towel around his waist he moved from the bathroom attached to his bedroom and looked about the room with a lazy gaze. The room was rather messy, and it smelled of pot. On his oak wood dresser was a bottle of vodka, inside the dresser a half of weed. Smiling lightly at the thought of smoking he moved over to his dresser, taking out the needed supplies to roll a joint. It didn't take more then a minute for him to roll a good sized joint, and to place it at the corner of his mouth. Lighting it up he took a deep drag, bringing in extra air to help the smoke move through his lungs better. If his mother could see him now she'd be turning in her grave, not that he cared much about what she thought. It was her fault he got hooked on drinking in the first place.


She'd let him drink when he was fourteen, giving him wine on New Years, and scotch on his birthdays. He'd grown so used to drinking that he was now more often then not completely shit faced. The large male knew it was bad for him, but at that point he was too hooked to get out on his own. Going to AA was always an option, though the thought of dealing with Christians was a bit unnerving. They'd likely try to change his sexuality on top of changing his habits. Shaking the idea of Alcoholics anonymous he began to get dressed, taking another large hit as he pulled on his boxers, pants, and socks. Placing the joint on his counter he sat down on the bed and pulled a shirt out of the second drawer, finding a light blue skin tight T-shirt that he'd often wear to work. Pulling it on he finished off the joint before spraying himself with an ass load of his cologne to snuff out the smell of his pot..


Making his way out of the house he let out an annoyed groan, his car was completely snowed over. What could he really expect? It was mid December after all. Glaring up at the bright Ohio sky he hoped that the sun would melt away all of the snow, and make it easier for him to come home that day. Setting to work on taking all the ice and snow off his car the large mane made an annoyed groan as he saw his overly excited neighbor heading towards him. The man known as Mason was very annoying, he was always trying to get Adler to come over and have dinner with him. It wasn't like he wasn't attractive this Mason guy, in fact he was. It was just something about him that made Addie cringe, maybe it was his too sweet attitude. Not the mention they had been childhood lovers, it hadn't lasted long because Mason didn't like the fact that he drank and smoked.



Watching the brown haired male approach he gave up on trying to uncover his car, standing awkwardly as the smaller male came up and hugged him as tightly as possible. It wasn't saying much since he was so weak, even so the larger male just stood there like a tree. It was always weird how the small boy wanted to hug on him like that, even though they'd broken up almost three years ago when they were seventeen. Now that they were both in their twenties life was a little complicated for the both of them. Often they'd see each other at the store and Mason would hug on him, ask how life was. It was apparent that he was not yet over the breakup, and it didn't help matters that they lived right next door to each other. It was likely on purpose so that the brunette could see more of Addie. Shoving the other away slightly the bi hair colored male rolled his eyes, hearing the boy say something about going to have breakfast, didn't he have a job or something? “Sorry I gotta go to work Mason.” He said lowly, making the boy pout and tears well up in his eyes. “Please?” “No Mason.” Adler's voice was a bit firmer now, his eyes narrowing at the pouting boy.


Looking him up and down he found that he was checking him out, it wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Maybe it was why Mason thought he was still into him, shrugging he took notice of a bruise on the boy's neck. It looked like a hickey, it was easily seen over the boy's pale skin. “New boyfriend?” The large male asked, seeing the other tense at the question. “No...and I don't really want to talk about it okay?” Now it was the evasive male's turn to get interested, so the boy had a hickey and he wasn't dating anyone. A one night stand? Rape? Tilting his head he looked at the boy, hidden in his baggy hoodie and loose pants with a black and white belt. “How about we catch up later then?” At the offer he saw Mason's face light up, his eyes getting large and teary. “Really?” Wincing at how happy the boy seemed Addie nodded, opening his drivers side and climbing in. The windshield was cleared off enough to where he could see, so he wasn't too worried about the rest of the car. “Seven O'clock I'll be at your house.” With that he turned on his car, shut the door and drove off towards work.


The End

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