Dane: My Heart

The one good thing about this God-forsaken planet was the language. Its fludidity, and how it can be used clearly when spoken quickly or slowly. The changes in the words that ranged from different areas on the Earth were subtle compared to the changes from other-worldly languages; I believe my most recent language was spoke in hums, a certain frequency would constitute as different words. In a sense it was easier to understand.

But I liked watching the television just to hear the words flow from peoples mouths; I like to talk to myself, to marvel at its beauty.

But as  saw these grimy, rag-clad people shouting through the forest, I felt the terror and hate burst through the words. The language turned ugly to me. I frowned and jumped over the wooden gate, intending on running through the small field and following these people.

But I was seen by one of them. The fear returned to herface as she pointed me out to her friends, and they ran a way.

I was pondering on wether or not to follow.


The End

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