Walking. Literally-Exquisite.


For the last three weeks that’s all I had been doing. Walking. After a while it gets easier. Until you stop. Then starting to walk again is almost impossible. But you probably aren’t aware of this. You’re probably sitting at home in a cosy warm house unaware of how hard it is to escape.

 I should really introduce myself. The names Beck, Beck Marshall. I’m a seven-teen year old girl and I am still human. That’s probably a shock to you. I bet you thought the Cånth' iors had taken over every human body on earth, but your wrong.

 I walk with five others, Erwin Canaris is our leader and probably the only reason we are still here, still in control of our bodies. I am the youngest, the youngest human left on earth. 

 Today we entered London. In a big city it is harder for them to catch us, but due to the fact we haven’t showered or changed clothes in weeks we stick out like sore thumbs. The Cånth' iors stare as we walk through the streets.

 "Maybe we should stick to the sewers?" I suggest, as our group manages to attract even more attention. As usual my idea is shot down. At this rate we'll be caught before sun set and we will be like those creatures who stare, soulless, heartless creatures.

The End

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