Stick to the Sewers

In a world of ruin, a group of young people are driven to the sewers of London, to hide from the perilous rulers of the Earth, the Μᵫr' ǣlǐons. These rulers have created a race whic has replaced the humans. This race is a calm, serene, smart one. One that rebuilt the Earth to perfection. But they are looking to diminish the human race completely; to convert them to their race- the Cånth' iors.
However, there is one Cånth' ior that does not feel that he is who he's meant to be. He dwells within

I began life normally. I started as a child; an ugly, pink wrinkly thing that cried and was always covered in some form of goo. I grew to a teen, went through moodiness, and now I am twenty, but I am no longer human.



Sitting at my computer, playing idly with the bottle cap of the cola that I had been drinking out of boredome, I had no thoughts, and was surrounded just by the soft, dull hum of the fridge, and the occasional whooshing  of the wind outside. There was nothing here out of the ordinary and life went on simply and slowly, as it always does. I had grown bored of this host already, and it's species. The kindness and purity of the souls here was boring also.

I sighed, breaking the almost-silence that enveloped me. I put down the bottle cap, and rose from my seat, walking absently through the neat, white kitchen, and went o the huge window that ran along the entire back wall. It looked down onto the forest that looked so beautiful in the morning when the sun was just climbing through the sky into my vision. I looked indifferently at this scene. I'd forgotten that it was not I who thought of it's beauty- it was my host's memories. I peered out into the forest, hoping for something interesting, but alas, there was nothing.

Until I noticed a small group of dirty, grimy people running clumsily over the rocks and fallen trees. Their clothes looked unwashed and ragged; as if they hadn't seen the comfort of home for a while. They couldn't have been Cånth' iors

The End

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