Stick man

Its about a boy who draws something and brings it to life. What is it? A stick man. It journeys through different portals throughout the real world trying to find his home or where he belongs. These so called portals are basically chalkboards, paper, whiteboards, books, computer screens, TV screens and so on. More can be revealed in the story simply called "Stick man".

It was a lovely day. Summer in a little Town in Kazakhstan, but I suffered the pain of.............. boredom. I am Schack Kleinschmidt. I'm a seventeen year old. I live in the worst place you could ever imagine. A farm. I hate animals. I like to think my step parents are animals. Step Mother and father are busy people they like to see what I get up to. I tend to keep away from them as they drive me crazy at all times. I like to stay in my room all day. Summer is not the air I breathe so I stay inside. I miss Winter like a good mother and father.

So one day. Still Summer. Still boring. So I was on my desk in my room with the door shut. I pulled out a ply of paper from the desk drawers. Threw it on the desk. I slowly and carefully drew one sheet from the ply. I drew something. I didn't quite like it. I drew somethings several or maybe more times and still I began find no interest in any of the drawings. Approximately after five hours of drawing I suddenly found what I was looking for. It was exactly my one thousandth, six hundredth and sixty sixth drawing. I knew this simply because I numbered them form one to this sheet. I was amazed with the outcome. I never knew I could draw. So I showed my step parents how great I was.

I went to the dining room. Only Step Mother was there. "Hey Mama, look at me now. Look at me now," I said trying to grasp her attention as her back faced me. She was sitting at the Dining table knitting woolen thing. I couldn't quite tell what it was. "What!", she said as she turned around to reveal the ugliest face I know. "Look!", I replied. Her head and her eyes looked on to to me then she gazed at my picture. She replied, "That looks crap! Try better next time this just ain't working.Its a stick man for heavens sake. Gosh what can I do with you." She grappled the paper. Scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. I went back to my room and started a new set of drawings.

After a while late at night, I didn't like any of the drawings and so decided to get the one in the bin. I bent down and searched for the scrunched up paper. "Ahhhh!" , there it was. I grabbed it and opened it. I looked for the drawing. It was gone. I knew this was the paper because it had the number 1666 on it. The picture just seemed to roam off somewhere else.

The End

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