Stepping Stones

Life is full of stepping stones. You just need to pick the right ones to stand on.

January 1st, 1946

Today is the very first new year that isn't spend cooped up in the awfully cramped Anderson shelter Uncle Rory built at the bottom of the garden, listening to the air raid sirens with our hearts pumping and palms sweating like there ain't no tomorrow. Well, back then, we weren't sure there were gonna be a tomorrow.

I still can't believe this war is over at last! There were parties in the streets for weeks, though Mum wouldn't let me and my brother Ryan join them after dark when things got rowdy. Still, it was so much fun! We all got presents, too - little tokens for surviving the war. I love the new dress Auntie Lavender gave  me, and I only have two of the chocolates that Gran gave me left now. Ryan says that I'm a pig for eating them all in one go. I told him to shut his face.

I wish CJ was here. I miss him something awful. I hope he's alright, and that he's safe....though Ryan says that of course he ain't safe, he's  Jew and and Jews ain't safe. I told him not to say things like that, that I was sure he wasn't....dead or anything. I know he isn't. He's too stubborn and too brave to be dead. I bet he's with his Ma and sisters somewhere right now, celebrating the New Year and laughing in Hitler's face.

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