Tormented Angel

The year is now 2019. Things took a turn for the better on my eighteenth birthday. Now I’m now twenty eight, married to Lew whose band hit success with the song he wrote about finding me, or a tormented angel, as the song went. I love him more than ever now and I feel we still grow closer every moment. We currently have one child called Stephanie and another on the way. Not to brag but now I’m one of the top psychologist / counsellors in the world. Our counsellor had unfortunately retired after the cancer went into remission, but was replaced by Mr Banksly. We still live in Stonehaven. When Lew is on tour I go with him. Travelling the morning shows of the world and living my dream. Helping those who had lived like me, and of course Ulla personal secretary, organiser, maid extraordinaire travels with us. She could get any television interview you asked, and after convincing my mother to let me marry Lew she became an indispensable friend. She looked after us and had recently begun a relationship with Mr Banksly.

Life was good. We all know that in our lives a little rain must fall but the rainbow will always follow if you keep on praying.


The End

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