Al Lamento

For once and for possibly the first time in years I woke up on my own in a good mood. I guess my mind had finally managed to process what’s been happening. For once I woke up not feeling responsible for anyone’s death. My life was my own. It was a new dawning, a new day and importantly a new age, I am eighteen. Unfortunately this monumental turning point in my life was destined to fall on a Monday. Back to school.

As he had done the last few birthdays we had been together he came to the front gate brandishing a rose, a card, and something that was always a surprise. This time it was a CD of my favourite band that wasn’t meant to come out until next week.

After school he normally takes me to Al Lamento’s, the nicest restaurant in town.

This time as we pulled into the car park it looked shut.

“Its just us tonight, Bu”. I was confused. He let me out of the car. “ I wanted tonight to be special.” The restaurant was candle lit, and all ours. I couldn’t believe it , this was so romantic and frankly unlike Lew.

“Hun what’s the point of all this?” I was enchanted but suspicious.

“Bu …” He got down on one knee. “I don’t know where I would be without you, and I never want to be without you either." Oh my god, this was not happening. It couldn’t be, maybe he was just doing up his laces. Oh god, he brought out a case from his pocket.

“Kim baby will you?” He opened the case. It was a ring, delicate and silver, with a large diamond inset.

“Oh god Lew.” I began to cry. “Of course I will.” He slipped the ring on my finger , and held me. I could see a tear in the waiters’ eyes as they both clapped.

The evening was perfect romantic and ended on a high as well. The day of my life that set my future, no longer guilty, no longer punished, truly happy at last.

The End

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