Lew hadn’t arrived yet. It was almost five to one but I didn’t want to go in without him. I couldn’t wait much longer so I decided to go in. Mr Banksly was waiting it felt weird to call him that. I had always known him as Steph’s dad.

“Hello Kim, now what did you want to know?” He had seen me. I sat across from him and we talked. Lew still hadn’t shown up but it didn’t matter, I was o.k. There was so much I hadn’t known. I really felt a weight being taken from my back.

“So you’re a counsellor?”

“Yes I decided I wanted to help people who were going through problems like Steph and my wife. It’s good work.”

“Our counsellor has cancer, neither of us think she’s ever going to be able to come back to work.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. Its going to take a while for someone else to start to figure out what you are best suited to.”

“Yeh but its Lew I’m worried about. She really helps him. Speaking of Lew he ought to be here by now. Do you think we should order lunch without him?”

“Yes he said he might be a bit late. Lets just order.”

It was half four by the time Lew turned up.

“Where were you ? I was worried”

“Like I said , I was sorting something out”

“Its half four Lew!”

“Oh my.” Mr Banksly looked at his watch. “I really must go I’m so sorry. Kim can we do this again ?”

“Of course. I’ll call you”

“Thank you” He hurried out.


Lew drove me back home. I was still annoyed that he had been so late, and still wouldn’t tell me what he had been doing.

“Babe I love you. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” he kissed me and drove away.

I got in the house after trying several keys. I really needed to define which key was which. I slumped down onto the sofa and started to watch TV.

The End

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