Key Hot shot.

“Bu? BU!” like ancient crypts unopened for centuries my eyes slowly ease open. It takes a little while for them to adjust to the light.

“Lew?” I couldn’t see him next to me. I look across to where the voice is coming from. Its Ulla . “Oh, my name’s Kim actually.”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry I think it was Bu because that what he call you. Anyway he ask me tell you not worry. He gone to pub to get you meeting with man. I hope you understands what he mean, I don’t .” She chuckled to her self and went back to her cleaning. I throw myself out of bed and stumble over to the stairs. I get into the kitchen and make myself some breakfast. It was half nine , Lew’s parents must have left for work a few hours ago. They seemed to have accepted me into the family, considering that I was good for Lew. My mother still wasn’t convinced about Lew as ‘family’ but she had warmed up to him which was good start. I suppose I better go home tonight. Its my eighteenth birthday tomorrow so I really ought to try to see her today. I’d told Lew I didn’t want anything big, I hoped he had understood that meant I wanted a huge extravagant party.

Lew came through the door.

“Oh good, you’re up” he threw his keys onto the key hook. It was a perfect shot, you could tell he had practised, which really showed that he had way to much time on his hands. He picked up the mail by the door and began to sort through it.

“Well?” He knew the suspense would be killing me.

“Oh that, yeah we’re meeting him for lunch.” I run over to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Oh my god , Lew thank you so much , what would I do without you?” He laughed.

“Bu, I don’t even want to think where I would be without you.”

I was suddenly very conscious that I had slept in what I was currently wearing.

“I ought to go home and find something to wear then.”

“Why? I think you look beautiful!”

“I slept in this!”


I laughed “you’re a pig”

“Ha-ha, but you love me”

“I know” I smiled. He always could make me smile. “So what time do we get there?”

His phone went off.

“Quarter to one” he looked down at his mobile “Uh, I’ll meet you there babe. I’ve just got to sort something out first.” he threw his coat back on and grabbed his keys again. He ran out of the door , but poked his head round it before he closed it.

“You ok getting home?”

“Yeh I’ll call mum to pick me up”

“Thanks, Hun.”

The End

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