Backroom Blackout

I cleaned myself up and went back outside. Lew was waiting with his I-pod in his ears. I recognised the song. ‘Children of Bodom , we’re not gonna fall.’ He was learning the bass guitar and vocals for his band ‘Backroom blackout’.

“Hun?” He looked worried.

“I told you I’m fine” I linked my arm though his, and he kissed me . “Thanks for that Lew. I never knew that her parents knew. It was still partly my fault I know I could have at least tried to stop her but… wow , it feels so weird knowing it wasn’t just me. It wasn’t completely my fault.” I kiss him again “ I knew you wouldn’t ever let me down.”



I’m running the business card through my hands again. Lying awake in Lew’s bed. In our four years together with me at seventeen, and Lew at eighteen neither of us were innocent when it came to the subject of the bedroom, but this was not one of those occasions. We were lying together fully clothed, his arm around me, the other hand picking out the chords for a guitar piece. He looked over at me and smiled. He took the card from me. “Babe, just meet him. It would help you get to grips with this.” I stayed silent. “ I can see all this is running through your mind. Just meet him. Loosen up babe.” He started to kiss my neck. I pushed him off. Not tonight. It would have loosened my mind but right now I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be loose. I fell asleep in his arms.

The End

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