Mr. Banksly

A few hours later and I’ve managed to clean myself up a bit. Ulla properly bandaged my feet, and Lew had climbed through my window and retrieved clean clothes for me.

He had gone round to my house in the pouring rain last night to tell my mother I was safe, I had just been really tired and was spending the night with his family.

Standing outside the pub, Lew locked up his car.

“Ready babe?” I nodded. “You know you don’t need to do this if you don’t want.” He took my hand. All feelings of fear were taken by his touch. I stepped into the doorway.

An Asian man sat staring into his glass. I look in Lew’s eyes, confidence flows back through me. I sit down across from him.

“Oh my , Kim? You look so different!” He stared me over.

“People change” I didn’t want to look at him, after all I had murdered his daughter.

“Kim , Louis told me what you think happened”. The timid looking man looked at me with kindness and sympathy in his eyes.

“It’s Lew” I could hear mumbling from the table next to us. He hates it when people call him Louis.

“Look Kim, we knew about Steph. We were the ones who made a mistake not you. We hoped she would get out of it”. I opened my mouth to speak, but he seemed to know what I was about to say and answered me before I could say anything. “Even if you had said something, we would have still been too stupid to act. In our eyes Steph was the perfect little girl, innocent and sensible. Turns out she was neither. You can’t blame yourself Kim. My wife did. Already one too many people have died as a result of my daughter’s death. You must remember, nobody killed Steph, it was an accident.”

I looked up, “You knew?”

“Yes , but she killed herself. Nobody could have done anything.”

I had been told this millions of times, but it had new meaning from him. I couldn’t believe he had known. I couldn’t find anything to say, so instead I turned to Lew. He put his hand on my leg. Silence.

“Kimmy, if you want to speak about anything I’m going to be in town until next week, but right now I really have to be at a meeting.” He got up with his beer glass in hand. He paused, looked down at the half full mug and slid it in front of me. “Oh, and you might need this.” He placed a business card next to the glass. “Good bye, Kimmy, hope you use it.” He waved as he opened the creaking wooden door and left. Lew shuffled closer to me and took my hand.

“I’m proud of you Bu.” He sweeps a strand of hair from my eye.

“I think I’m gonna chuck!” I ran into the bathroom and bent over the sink. A minute or two later a knock came at the bathroom door.

“Bu? You ok?”

“I’m fine,” I call back. I needed to think for a while. I look down into my hand at the card I had grabbed as I left the table.


As I place it in my pocket I suddenly throw up again.


PO BOX, LN1 64M’

The End

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