I wake up with a start. As soon as I sit up my head stings. I collapse back down again. I look across the room. My heart jumped. It was Lew, fast asleep. I got up, swaying side to side as my brain screamed at me. Lew woke up as I was halfway into the kitchen.

“Bu!” He yells “Oh my god Bu, I’m so sorry. You weren’t ready to face your past yet, I shouldn’t have… Oh God Bu, I really am sorry.”

“What?” I laugh “ What happened last night?”

“I’m so sorry, I thought you ought to try do deal with what happened. So I found him.”

“Who?” There was a pause all of a sudden last night flew back to me just like I had flown to Lew’s house.

“Steph’s ….” I ventured.

“Yeh. Gawd babe, I screwed up.”

“I love the way you say God” I smiled. “Look I’m sure you didn’t. I trust you.”

“Probably a huge mistake to.” He grinned.

“Probably.” We just looked at each other.

That’s why we were so perfect. We knew neither of us were ideal, or even completely sane but we loved each other anyway.

“I better tell Ulla you’re awake.” He stood up.


“The new maid.”

I nodded as he pounded up the stairs. Maids never seemed to stay long in his house. It was probably occasions like this that mostly contributed to that. His step father coming home from the emergency room, uniform caked in blood, was also a factor but I felt bad because Ulla probably wouldn’t stay long after this.

A short fat woman walked into the room. She yelled something upstairs and chuckled I could hear Lew laughing. I knew he spoke Russian. That must have been the yelling last night . Things were beginning to make sense now.

“You look like death child.” She chuckled. “This place remind me of home.”

I had to ask. “ Your home has insane drugged up teenagers?”

“No.” she paused “You not insane. You troubled, almost as deeply as the cuts on your feet.”

I look down my feet are wrapped under cloth. That must have been why it was so hard to walk earlier.

“I’m sorry for putting you through so much hassle.”

“Don’t worry!” She winked “We won’t tell any parents.” She chuckled again and left with the duvet that had kept me warm on the couch.

Lew came back down.

“Where is he?” I ask.

“Staying at the Three Fishers Inn.”

“When do I have to meet him.”

“You’re not ready, have you already forgotten what you did last night?” He laughed.

“I trust you, besides you don’t believe me anyway.” I sighed.

The End

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