Peter Pan.

I went down to the skate park. He wasn’t there either. He was gone. Maybe it was his fathers visiting day. His father had tried to kidnap him before, what could stop it happening again now he was visiting legally. The last time he had been found locked in his father’s house, cuts across his wrists, drugged up, so high he didn’t recognise me. That’s what his father does to him. Destroys him. I had almost stabbed his father when I had found Lew there. My incredible ability to break my way in and out of places had meant I had climbed through the top window and found him there. I called the police and dragged him from the house, brandishing a knife at his father. I was terrified, what if Lew had given in.

I ran home. Assumptions seemed to be leading to more assumptions. Tears running down my face, I threw open my bottom draw and grabbed a hideous yellow jumper I never wore. Shoving my hand up the left sleeve I clasped a packet. I drew it out. Throwing it in my bag and ran to Lew’s fathers house. Nobody was in, and Lew wasn’t there. I had failed, they must have gone. I ran in no particular direction “LEW ? LEW?” I didn’t know where I was anymore I couldn’t see anything I recognised. I grabbed the drugs from my bag. The needle hit my arm but I didn’t get the same kind of hit I used to. Everything was still there. All the problems, and now it was raining.



I could hear a sound I recognised, but I didn’t know what it was. Water sprayed around the wheels of a skateboard, I could see feet, black stained Converses.

Everything seems to be in slow motion. Arms come towards me. They wrap around me and hold me tight. Pull me up from my uncomfortable slump. He is warm. He thrusts his jacket around me. I’m in his arms now. I’m moving, I think he must be too. Water sprays from the wheels of his board. Houses and cars seem to fly past us, But these things cant fly. Perhaps its me that’s flying. He must be Tinkerbell. Making me fly. Silly Tinkerbell. “Tink?” I call, “Do you believe in fairies?”.

“We’re almost home Bu, we’re almost home” Tinkerbell had a strongly familiar male voice. Maybe it was Peter Pan, but Peter can’t fly without Tinkerbell. I gasp - what if I’m Tinkerbell?

I watch the stars steam past, up on their busy solar paths. Then they stopped. It felt like I was going up. My eyes hurt, everything was so bright. I was dropped softly onto a sofa.

Like watching a really old film, I could see the scene jumping from frame to frame. I half closed my eyes. It wasn’t so bright then. A woman, white as ghost, stood over me yelling something I didn’t understand. The boy I thought might have been Tinkerbell yelled back. It definitely wasn’t English, even high, I can still understand my own language. Everything stopped, a frozen frame.

The End

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