The Stout Asian.

Lew was sitting in his car. A short Asian man got in beside him.

“She’s not there. I would have recognised her.”

“She should have been there,” Lew said. “I asked Mrs Lipton if she had left and she said she had gone out with all the other girls.”

“She wasn’t. she didn’t go out of that front gate.”

“Shit … she must have seen you,” Lew slammed his foot on the pedal.

“Where are we going?” the man grappled his seatbelt.

“She will be looking for me,” he swerved round the corner causing another car to swerve into the pavement. He braked sharply. He got of the car and ran to the front steps.

“She’s gone,” he picked up a piece of ripped tights, blood stained. “Stay here, this is all my fault.” He grabbed his skateboard from the boot, and went. 

The End

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