Mesterious Man.

Back to the present I had to run through the evening’s events in my head, to try to make sense of it all. Try to work out how I got here. The heroin however didn’t seem to want to help me with this matter. I remember… a man. A man I had managed to forget. To forget his sorrow, to forget his strength, but never to forget his daughter. It was her dad, Steph’s dad He had been standing outside the school gates. Eyes scanning the courtyard, waiting for somebody to come out. I had frozen in my tracks when I saw him. My eyes were so wide it hurt but I couldn’t blink. I dropped my sandwich. I felt like fainting, so I ran back towards the school, tearing my skirt on the back wall as I clumsily clambered over it, and ran down the road. It felt as if my footsteps echoed around the street as each heeled clack chorused. I kicked them off leaving them strewn on the pavement behind me. I needed Lew. He left school early on a Wednesday because he had no lessons all afternoon and so saw no point staying after lunch. I was almost there but I couldn’t run further, I had collapsed on a bench about three streets away from Lew‘s house. Seeing Steph’s father brought back so many memories and feelings I thought I had left in Knightsbridge or in the counselling room.

My feet were bleeding where I had run over broken glass from last night’s drunkards. I winced as I pulled out shrapnel from what looked like a Peroni bottle although it was hard to tell covered in blood. My tights were already ripped so I tore off a strip, and tied it round my foot to try to stop the bleeding.

I needed to know why her father was here. I got up and limped down the street. Lew wasn’t there. Debbie, his foster mum said he hadn’t come home early today. I collapsed again on the steps outside. I waited, I needed him and I needed him now . Maybe he had swapped shifts at the café . He would be home any minute to comfort me. He would know how to deal with this .

He didn’t come home. I waited for half an hour. Thinking, thinking, thinking all the time. Thinking is never good you are only remembering things that used to haunt you. I called Lew for the sixth time. Still no answer, he always had his phone. I had to find him.

The End

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