When I met Lew I thought it was over. I was going to be forgiven. I tried not to let myself fall for him like I knew I would, in case it was part of my punishment, to fall in love and have him ripped away from me. I first saw Louis Green at one of the counselling sessions school made us go to. He was sitting in the waiting room, skateboard at his side. I remember he was wearing armbands like I did to hide the scars. His fringe hung in front of his right eye. He flicked it up with a sharp upward motion of his head and cast his eyes and spell on me. I realised I was staring, so I quickly turned away and pretended to be interested in the drawings of hedgehogs the first years had drawn. This made him laugh and he looked back forwards shaking his head slightly, making his soft black fringe cascade like a waterfall back over his eye. He looked back at me and smiled again.

“Hey” he called across the waiting room. I had to look around to see if he was really talking to me.

“Me?” I felt so stupid asking after I had already seen there was nobody else in the room.

“Yeh, you, why you so surprised?” he smiled at me again, and looked me up and down with his deep hazel eyes.

“Well … umm…I…” I couldn’t speak whilst he was looking at me like that. So instead I stared at my feet, stammering like a fool. He must have seen how red I was, it would be pretty hard to have missed my huge crimson nose, sticking out from my greasy matted hair.

“Ha-ha” he chuckled “It’s ok, I won’t eat you.”

This made me laugh , but I carried on staring at my feet. He gestured to me to come sit by him “Louis Green, call me Lew.”

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve Lew, or what he had done to deserve the various corpses life had half buried into his jogging path. We started to talk and I found myself pouring out what little heart I had allowed myself to keep, straight into his gentle, smooth hands.

His life had been an unstable turmoil since his mother and eldest brother had been involved in a group suicide pact, and his father had become a violent alcoholic. Social services had taken him and his seven year old brother away from their father and he had moved here. Seemed it was my stupidity that had meant him moving here in the first place. My unrealised superpower for drug busting had meant the area had become the cleanest in Britain. Like me Lew had had his fair share of drug problems and theft experience. So his foster parents decided it would be best for him here.

I admired Lew endlessly for managing to get back to some form of reality, after all that had happened. I wasn’t like that though. I wish I could be but what happened to Lew wasn’t his fault, what happened to me was.

When Lew and I went public the whole school stood back and took a deep shocked breath. All the girls continued to gaze after Lew and began to give me evil glares. The guys thought he was probably like me, a bit of a freak. A lot of people still weren’t comfortable speaking to me. There was a rumour going round I was actually a Satan worshipper. However Lew had amazing charisma, he was sarcastic in a funny joking way. He used wit to win over people. Most people liked him and thus started to consider that I might actually be worth talking to, but he preferred to stay to his close friends who were also, for a large part, my close friends. He liked to make sure people knew I was his. Not that anyone else would ever want me, but because of an underlying insecurity that I might be torn away from him like everyone he really loved.

The End

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