Chapter 1c

He was a mistake, she knew. If the consortium ever discovered that she had revealed herself to a native they would most certainly take from her the ship, most likely her freedom and possibly even her life. Whatever they did to her, they would with absolute certainly destroy Foran. "Foran!" Niah snapped, her body tense as she swung round to face him, "your not supposed to know anything about me or my mission!" She calmed upon seeing his sad, shocked expression. "Im sorry Foran" she said, bringing her hand up to his face as her shoulders began to relax. "Im worried. The consortium are acting strange, even the Akara doesn't know what they are upto. And I'm not homesick, I just feel a little trapped here. This place has a strange effect on me, nothing seems right about it". She paused and looked deep into his eyes. "I'm scared Foran, this place, the consortium, everything seems wrong andd somehow connected". She realised that this admission would be a shock to him. With all her Augs she was a relative living weopon, virtually indestructable, so if she was scared then there really was something to fear.

The End

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