Chapter 1a

Short story by myself and a friend about a woman from the stars on a planet dominated by magic, trying to understand how magic can even exist there.

Niah stood looking up at the cold, dark sky and watched the small silver star trace its way across the light speckled darkness, with a sense of longing. The Akara was beautiful she decided, as she continued to watch her ship slide steadily across the inky, black backdrop and, once again, began to feel claustrophobic despite the fact that she was out here on a huge open plain on a relatively large planet. Why was she even here? she wondered. Among these barbarians and their impossible magic. Magic? what an absurd notion. That was the reason she was here, to find out how such a thing is possible and Niah suspected that the truth behind this mysterious pheonomenon, would prove to be both interesting and disturbing. Curiosity killed the cat, she warned herself as she felt someone move up behind her, even before she realised her augments had notified her of their presence.

The End

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