The Hunt

Jarvis ran and ran but was losing speed; his age had never been his favorite attribute. The creature pounced onto him. He was pinned to the cold, steel floor. The creature rolled him over onto his back and studied him. It made a strange purring noise that sounded like something that Jarvis had heard before. The creature felt almost metallic on his bare skin. It had two mouths; one main mouth and a smaller one that seemed to protrude from its throat. The smaller mouth was moving towards Jarvis' head, it looked like it almost had a mind of its own. At that moment marines burst into the room.

"Shoot this thing!" yelled Jarvis

The marines didn't reply when they opened fire, the bullets flew through the air and hit the creature, but it didn't even flinch. The smaller mouth went down Jarvis' throat, almost instantly it came back up again. The creature crawled away down the hole the egg's goo had made. Jarvis started gagging and eventually threw up. The marines grabbed him and pulled out of the room. They laid him down on a table in the medical bay and strapped him down. A doctor came over and took blood samples, looked at the color of his vomit from earlier and ran tests on them. The doctor came over after all of the tests and started to speak.

"We think that the smaller mouth on that creature inserted a parasite that will eventually spawn another one of them. We ran tests to find out if it succeeded. The test results came back..."

The End

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