Steel On Steel

Jarvis is an engineer for the space station Lost Regrets. On the most recent venture onto a planets surface they brought back an alien egg. The egg is known to be highly dangerous and is placed in the containment vault. Jarvis has always dreamt of making a discovery such as this and is very curious towards the egg.


Jarvis was walking down the steel corridor, his footsteps echoing through the emptiness of the rooms. A message came over the communication systems for him.

"Jarvis, can you go down to the containment vault. The cooling ducts have jammed again."

Jarvis groaned and slowly made his way down. He kept thinking to himself that they would have made the cooling ducts fail safe by 2352, obviously not.

He got to the door of the vault and saw that there was a large sign on the front of it.


Jarvis saw the warning but went straight through anyway. He was obviously authorized for this one time only. He entered the empty room and saw all of the dangerous objects that the scavenger drones had found. A large stone with alien writing on it, a part of a vehicle believed to be used by the primates of the planet and the most jaw dropping; an alien egg. The egg had been retrieved from a barren world that had never shown up on their radars. Lost Regrets had always been the first space station to receive any software or machinery updates. When the planet appeared everyone had been so shocked that some almost collapsed at how it was possible.

Jarvis went over to the cooling ducts and saw that another bolt had come loose and stopped the fans from moving anywhere. He picked up the bolt and put the mechanism back together.

When he'd finished he thought about the next time he'd be in the room. He wouldn't. He walked down the metallic stairs to investigate all of the artefacts. He wasn't very interested in the stone slab and the vehicle part but the egg was wonderful.

It was pale white but had some marks of something trying to get inside it, an animal perhaps. At about two foot in height it was larger than the average egg but it was very simple as eggs can get.

When viewed from one angle the egg seemed very solid and opaque, but when Jarvis shifted around to the side he caught fuzzy glimpses of something moving behind the curved surface.

Suddenly the egg started moving and lodged itself out of its stand. It fell to the steel floor but didn't crack, it started rolling around. Jarvis backed away terrified. The egg cracked down the side and oozed a glowing green goo. Jarvis ran to the security console to call for help. He heard glass smash and saw the safety railing had been broken. As he looked down to the egg he heard sizzling and where the egg had been was now a hole in the floor surrounded by the goo. As he went to investigate the hole he saw a small, black, oily, ape size creature crawling on the ceiling. It almost looked like it was growing so fast that he could see it gain height. Jarvis was too stunned to move. The creature took no notice of him. Suddenly the console beeped and the creature reacted almost instantly. It leapt to the console, crushing it. Jarvis gasped at how such a small creature could destroy such a large object in one blow. But the creature heard Jarvis; he started to back away to the exit slowly but stood on a piece of the egg shell. The creature went onto all fours and ran to him. Jarvis turned and broke into a run. He had always been an optimist but knew that he'd never make it.

The End

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