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*Mikasa's POV*

     With everything Eren had witnessed last night, it was obvious we didn't go to dinner. Instead, I comforted him in my apartment with cookies and Netflix. Eren had decided to sleep on the couch, even though there was a spare room in which used to be Armin's, but is empty since he's living with Jean for the time being. I rolled over in my bed, facing my mirror and dresser.

"Eren, are you up?" I yelled. Checking my phone, it was 9:07 am on a Monday. Hearing no response, I decided to crawl out of bed and go check on him.

"Eren?" I asked aloud once more, looking on the couch to find him cuddled up with Otto's favorite plushie he'd brought over.

     He was still sound asleep, which proved itself when someone knocked on my door. It was Armin, accompanied by Jean. He motioned me into the hall, to which I kept my door lightly cracked in case Eren woke up.

"Armin, Jean. What is it?" I asked the pair in front of me.

"The police are coming over today. I figure we could take Eren out on the town to keep him occupied, you know? A huge part of me doesn't think he needs to see this." Armin rubbed his neck, glancing at me with his blue eyes.

"I think that's a great idea. Let me wake him up. I called his manager at Starbucks, Lizabeth, and told her the scoop. He's on paid leave for a while, until its all cleared up. Come in?" I opened my door for the two, to which Jean nodded and said thanks.

"Mikasa, where's your bathroom?" Jean looked around, whispering.

"Down the hall, last on the right by the linen closet." I pointed, and he followed.

     Sitting on my knees, I placed myself directly in front of my brother's sleeping face, the plushie nestled under his chin. Placing my palm on his arm, I began to move him back and forth gently, in an attempt to wake him up. 

"Eren...Eren...it's time to wake up." I whispered, but loud enough that his eyes finally peeled apart.

"M-Mikasa...what is it?" He groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"We're going to take you out on the town today. Get dressed, yeah?" Armin chimed in, sitting in a chair adjacent from his friend.

"Sure..." Eren slowly forced himself up, trudging to the spare room where his clothes were kept.

"So...Mikasa, what do you have in plan? He's your brother, after all. What makes him happy?" Armin laid back on the couch, as Jean came down the hallway.

"Was thinking we could take him to the mall...also, Barnes & Noble. Get some lunch, too, while we're at it." Running a hand through my black hair, I sighed at the situation I was placed with.

"There's a really nice café shop near the mall, we could try that." Jean added, to which I nodded in agreement.

"Okay, guys. I'm ready." Eren mumbled, standing behind the couch.

"Alright, let's head out." I grabbed my keys from a bowl by the door, and we were off.

     As we got in the elevator, the little TV that showed the morning news was currently on the weather. It showed lots of greens, oranges, and reds on the map. Great, depressing weather. As we made it to the lobby, all we could hear was booming thunder and flashes of lightning on a rather overcast sky. We ran out to the parking deck, where my Charger was parked. As we all climbed in, I asked what everyone's music preferences were.

     Armin was the only one who genuinely gave me a response, so I just put my CD on shuffle and went with it. The first song was "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)" by Fall Out Boy.

Be careful makin wishes in the...(dark dark)

Can't be sure when they've hit their...(mark mark)

And besides in the mean, mean time, I'm,

Just dreaming of tearin you apart 

"Levi and I said we loved each other in the dark." Eren spoke up, startling us a little bit.

"E-Eren...you what?" Jeans eyes widened, unbuckling so he could scoot closer.

"That night...during the party..." I couldn't risk losing focus on the road to look back, but my grip tightened on the wheel as I steadily sped up.

"So that's why you guys took so long during 7 minutes in heaven!" Armin concluded, turning his head to see the boys in the back.

     I eventually got frustrated, and changed the song halfway through. I know I'm Eren's sister, and sibling rivalry is a thing...but ugh! He couldn't tell me he liked someone?! I have no problem with what gender they are, I just wish he'd told me so I could talk to him... Taking a sort of hard left, we entered the front part of the mall parking lot. Pulling into a rockstar spot (meaning closest to the front of the lot), I stood and waited for my companions to exit the car.

     As they did, my eyes picked up on something in my peripheral vision. Snapping my head to the right, whatever I had seen was blocked out by a passing group of people. I gritted my teeth, once more looking ahead. Once we walked in, the smell of people and various food court restaurants hit us like a truck. We hadn't eaten, or at least Eren and I hadn't, so I spoke up about grabbing a bite before we went shopping. Once everyone went off and ordered, I decided to get whatever Eren decided so he didn't have to be alone.

     Getting back to the table, Armin was immediately on his phone after setting his food down. His fingers tapped away furiously while his eyes darted at the quickly forming words. As he clicked it asleep, my phone buzzed in my pocket. "Armin: Saw that look you got outside...something up?" I guess I did make it obvious that I had seen something... "Mikasa Ackerman: No one leaves Eren alone today, got it?" As I sent the message to him, Armin looked up and nodded.

"So, Eren, what's the first store you wanna go to today?" I asked, trying to be cheery as I ate my Chic-Fil-A.

"Journeys. I want some new shoes." His tone seemed happier, which brought a smile to my lips.

"Whatever you want. Today's your day." I patted him on the shoulder, returning to my meal.

"I hear American Eagle is having a sale today." Jean suggested, taking a sip of his drink.

"Sounds great! I might stop by Aeropostale or something if you guys want to do that." Armin leaned back in his metal chair, glancing at those who walked by.

     A few moments went by, and Eren seemed to be getting more into conversations and actually laughing. Jean, Eren, and I headed for American Eagle as Armin went where ever he was going. We walked in, and sure enough, Jean was right about the sale. I allowed the 2 boys to browse on their own, while I went to the women's section. They had some nice dresses, so I took a few off the rack and asked for a fitting room. Upon walking in and locking the door, my phone was lighting up with repeated text messages from Armin.

     "Armin: Levi's here at Aeropostale...he's with a woman, about his height with ginger hair. Should we tell Eren?" My thoughts immediately went to Levi dumping Eren behind for this woman. My fingers began to shake with anger and upset, as I texted back a response. "Mikasa Ackerman: No, we can't allow him to be upset if he sees Levi with her. Don't get noticed, either." Once I'd tried on the dresses, I put the one that didn't fit on the rack and went back out into the store.

"Mikasa! Look what I picked out!" I heard Eren call. He was smiling broadly at a shirt and shorts he'd found.

"I like those, Eren. Stripes look good on you." I chuckled a little, enjoying my gleaming brother, obviously covering up emotional scarring.

"Ma'am, are you ready to check out?" The clerk kindly asked, as I realized I was standing by the counter.

"N-No, sorry. Just one moment." She nodded, and I went to find Jean and Eren.

"What do you think, Mikasa? Am I pretty yet?" Jean twirled at a large scarf he'd picked up.

"Jean, I don't think that goes there." I laughed, twirling the scarf back up and returning it to the ones on the women's side.

"Hey, maybe Journeys has swim trunks." Eren proposed, folding his outfit over his arm.

"We can go check. Let's check out and I'll text Armin." We all gathered around the counter, placing our items down.

     Our grand total was almost 115$, but I didn't mind since it seemed to make Eren happy. Armin said he'd meet us at Journeys, so we instead looked around for Eren's swim trunks. They didn't have any, so he looked for shoes. Armin showed up, with a medium sized bag from Aeropostale. I, myself, decided to get some new Vans. While I was checking out, Eren walked over with some Converse he'd chosen. They were brown canvas, with black leather in some spots. Once I'd picked out my Vans, a pale teal with lavender laces, we checked out and decided to walk until we found a store to go in.

     After a while of walking around, we decided to enter Abercrombie. I, for one, didn't care for this store. But, Eren and the guys wanted to go in. I passed by the check out line, looking at some accessories up front. While I was looking, a couple came up to check out. 

"Do you have a membership with us?" The clerk asked, barely audible over the booming bass of the music.

"Yes, and I have a discount." A very distinct, male voice responded. Wait...did I know that voice?

"Levi! Can we go get candy after this?~" A higher pitched female responded. 

"Yes of course." The man responded, placing his hand on the girl's head.

     Holy. Shit. Was it really Levi?! I know Armin said he was in the mall...but... I need to get Eren out of here. And fast. Rushing away from the accessories spindle, I searched frantically for Eren, Jean, and Armin. After not being able to find them, I pulled out my phone and began to text Eren, panicked. Just before I hit send, Levi and the girl came busting by and heading quickly out the entrance... Eren following close behind.

"Levi! Wait!" Eren desperately pleaded, trying to chase after him.

"Eren!" I screamed, dropping the items I'd picked up and began sprinting after my brother.

"Levi, come back! Let's just talk this out!" Eren's cries were beginning to draw the eyes of bystanders, peering on as this scene unfolded.

"Stay the hell away! I don't want you hurt!" Levi spun around, drawing a gun.

"Levi..." I whispered, tackling my brother to the ground just outside the East entrance in hopes of shielding him from bullets that may fly.

"But...you said..." Eren sniffled, holding his scraped palms facing up in his lap.

"And now I'm saying stay away." Levi threw open the door to a black SUV that pulled up, tinted windows making it impossible to see inside.

     I sat there, my arms around Eren as he stared blankly at the concrete. What the hell just happened? Who was that girl? Why was Levi so hostile around Eren? All these questions and more occupied my mind. But, what topped them all was Eren's safety. I helped him stand, and quickly called Armin.

"Hey, I'm sure you saw what was going down inside Abercrombie." I stated, allowing Eren to lean against me.

"Yeah...didn't have time to catch up. We were told to stay inside the store." He sounded like he was nearing us, since there were people talking in the background.

"Armin...he pulled a gun on Eren." I started to get choked up, with sadness for Eren and anger towards that son of a bitch Levi.

"Y-You're...you're kidding?! Hey, I'm exiting the mall where you guys are. Talk to you then." Armin hung up, and I turned around to see him and Jean.

"Eren, are you alright?!" Jean rushed over, placing his hands on Eren's shoulders.

"I can't...I can't believe he just..." He started sobbing, and Jean held him close in a hug.

"I'll pull the car around. You guys run inside if anything heats up." I got out my keys, leaving them behind to retrieve my car.

     This whole situation baffled me. First, Otto's death. And now, Levi pushing Eren away and pulling a gun on him... all while being around this offputting female. Who the hell was she? And what was their connection to my brother?! Getting angrier by the second, I didn't notice how much force I put into opening my car door. I threw it open, causing it to hit the light pole nearby. It scratched the paint and made a dent, which forced my anger level to rise. Slumping in the seat, I put the keys in the ignition and went to retrieve my brother and friends.

*Time Skip, back at the apartment complex* 

     I had to practically carry Eren inside. It wasn't that he was sick, just so in shock over what had happened. Hell, I would be too if the love of my life shoved me away and pointed a gun in my face. Once we got up to our floor, Eren decided he could walk himself. The police were just wrapping up, only a pair remained in Eren's apartment. Leaving him with Armin and Jean, I walked down to ask them some questions.

"Hello. Eren's sister, here. When will you be done?" I asked politely, eyeing both the officers.

"We've just taken the hazmat team out of here. Whoever did this, either knew how to make their chemicals or knew someone who could. This is stronger than normal acids." The officer that answered me shook his head in dismay.

"Tell your brother he can sleep here tonight. If anything else happens, call us again and we'll head over. Some officers are stationed closer since this attack are so bizarre." Another handed me a card, and I bowed my head in thanks.

"So, Mikasa, what's the scoop?" Jean pondered, walking up with the other two.

"Eren, good news. You can have your apartment back." I hugged my brother, who felt limp in my arms.

"Thanks." He forced out, walking inside and shutting the door.

     As Eren left me, Armin, and Jean outside his door, we all seemed to sigh in unison. I said goodnight to Jean as he left for his apartment, and Armin came with me to ours. When him and I went inside, I tossed my keys on the bowl and headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Armin plopped on the couch, putting on some TV show. As he watched, I picked up on thunder rumbling in the distance.

The End

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