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   **This chapter will switch POV's. It'll start off as Eren, and go to Levi later on*

 I made dinner last night, as Levi cleaned up after us both. I never mentioned the rose, although I really wanted to talk about it. He curled back up on the couch, his short body enveloped in the blanket like a burrito.

"Hey, Eren, mind if I put a movie on?" He turned his head slightly to meet my eyes.

"Just keep it down. Otherwise, I don't mind." I smiled at him, walking back into my room.

     Getting into my bedclothes, I sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing my face. Picking up my phone, I decided to do something I had not done in almost a year. Scrolling through my contacts, I tapped on one towards the middle of the alphabetized list. Lifting my phone to my ear, the dial tone was all I heard for a short while until finally, a voice came through.

"E-Eren?" The female voice asked in surprise.

"Yeah, it's me. Listen, you wanna meet up tomorrow by any chance?" I asked, running a hand across my face.

"Of course. Where at?" She sounded happier at my question.

"How about that forest? The one we were in as kids? I heard there's a park there now." I quieted down once I heard the TV switch off, signaling Levi was falling asleep.

"It's a date, Eren. I was just in Maria today, Armin's with me. We're just outside it, in Portland. So, how about 2:30 tomorrow?" She asked me.

"Sounds perfect. Bring Armin too. I'll see you then, Mikasa." I hung up the phone, plugging it in to charge.

     *Time Skip*

     I woke up to the sound of sizzling. Making my way into the kitchen, I stretched and rubbed my eyes.

"Goodness, Eren. Had you told me you were greeting me looking like that I would've freshened up." Levi chuckled, eyeing me up and down then returning to the stove.

"What do you m- oh god..." I looked down at myself, noticing I had slept in only boxers.

     My face was steaming by the time I got back to my room. I'm not used to having guests who stay the whole damn night! I changed into some casual day clothes, and went back out to sit at the kitchen table. Levi finished cooking, and made a plate before sitting down. After a few seconds of chewing his food, he glances up at me.

"What? Make your own damn plate, you brat." I roll my eyes as Levi continues eating.

"So. We've got plans today." I say without looking at him, sitting back at the table with my plate.

"Oh? But I have bronchitis." Levi responds, forcing a fake cough.

"Not in the city, you goose. We're traveling." We both finished our food, and I took the liberty of putting the plates in the sink.

"Traveling? Where?" He seemed repulsed by the idea of going anywhere outside my apartment.

"There's a thick forest just a few miles outside of here. It leads to the ocean, a nice secluded beach. We're meeting my sister and best friend." I squirt a little soap on the dirty dishes, filling up the sink with water.

     Levi frowned at the idea we had plans. I wonder what was up with him? He trudged over to a basket with laundry in it, and dug out some clothes. As he left to go change, Otto stuck his nose in the basket. I smirked at the pokey dog, who made his way over to me. Otto rested his head on my legs, and I began scratching behind his ears.

"I'm sorry, Otto. Looks like you'll have to stay here again today. I know we always do stuff on my day off, but Levi won't let you in the Impala." I grabbed his snout in a playful manner.

"You're damn right he's not getting his grubby paws in Black Dynamite." Levi folded the collar to his overthrow, running a hand through his hair.

     I threw a few snacks and drinks into a backpack, and we were out the door. Levi insisted we take the stairs, which made me a little grumpy. The old woman was walking in front of us, and when she passed, I felt a hand graze my back. I grabbed Levi's wrist and walked faster down the stairs. Around 10 minutes later, we reached the bottom. The Impala was still parked safely in front of the building, as I pulled the keys from my pocket.

"Woah woah woah woah woah, Eren. What makes you think I'll just let you drive my baby?" Levi stood right in front of me with his hands up.

"You don't know where we're going." I chuckled, pushing by him and sitting in the drivers seat.

     Levi had an annoyed look on his face as he angrily forced the seat-belt to click. I hit play on the cassette player, resuming yesterdays Motley Crue tape. Levi's eyes widened, in a good way I think. He then turns to me and smiles, as I fire up the Impala's engine, driving off to meet Armin and Mikasa.

Without you, there's no change,

My nights and days are grey.

If I reached out and touched the rain,

It just wouldn't feel the same.

Without you, I'd be lost.

I'd slip down from the top.

I'd slide down so low

Oh you'd never, never know...

    We arrived at a small circle parking lot with benches scattered everywhere. I noticed a shorter (but not Levi short) blond boy sitting at a bench with his back to me. Turning off the car, I threw the door open and began running.

"Armin!" I screamed. He turned around to see me, his big blue eyes filled with happiness.

"Eren! I'm so glad to see you again!" I gave him a hug huge enough to lift him off the ground. Levi cleared his throat, standing behind us.

"Armin, this is Levi. I met him while working at Starbucks. He's living with me for a few days." Gesturing out to the black haired male, I smiled.

"Oooh, Eren~!" Armin laughed, punching my arm playfully.

"Where's Mikasa?" I asked, taking note that she wasn't around.

"Oh, she's sitting on the beach. I was left here to wait for you guys." He begins walking into the forest, as Levi and I follow.

     Trailing through the forest, I remembered it being a lot bigger and harder to get through than it was now. Once we made it to the beach, Mikasa was setting up a little picnic. I smiled, running to envelop my sister in a huge embrace. She had that red scarf around her neck, the same red scarf I made for her when we were kids.

"Eren, who's your friend?" She smiled as we all sat down in a circle on the blanket.

"His name is Levi. He's been living with me for a few days and will be until Sunday night." I walked over to Levi, nudging him to be happy.

"Tch." All he could manage was a click of his tongue.

*Levi's POV*

     I still had no understanding as to why Eren forced me to come here and meet his sister and best friend. Although, I am mooching off of him right now... I suppose it's the least I can do. We were all sitting and eating the sandwiches and cookies the pair known as Mikasa and Armin brought with them. I pulled out my phone, which earned a sideways glare from Eren. I texted him, "I'm going out into the woods for a minute. Meet me by Black Dynamite in 10." I hit send. Eren leaned his phone out of his pocket, giving me a subtle nod.

"Excuse me, I need to make a quick call." I stood up from the puzzled group, making my way towards my car.

"Hurry back!" I heard Armin call to me.

     As I leaned my back against the drivers side door, I sighed. So many thoughts were battling for attention inside my mind. Don't even get me started on just getting hired at a top-of-the-line university and already taking days off. I closed my eyes, rubbing my temples gently. I tried to calm myself down by humming my favorite Led Zeppelin song, but that didn't even cut it. Eren would be out soon, and I had to force myself to re-think the reason I had wanted him and I alone in the first place.

     Should I tell him? Could I? Will I? My body broke out into a nervous sweat just as I had heard rustling from the trees.

"Levi, you didn't really make a phone call. What's up?" Eren asked, concerned. 

"W-Well, Eren, I was thinking..." I trailed off, refusing to meet his gaze.

"Look at me, it's okay. What's the matter?" He put both hands on my shoulders, forcing me in front of him.

"You think it'd be okay if I stayed with you more than just Sunday night?" My face was heating up, and I was sweating bullets.

"Is this all you called me out here for?" He cocked his head to the side.

     I stared into his olive eyes as we took our seats on the pavement next to my car. We both sat in silence for a period of time, before he blurts out.

"What was the rose for?" He looks at me, his flawless gaze threatening to swoon me. What the hell, Levi!

"W-Well you s-s-see, Eren..." I began, as Mikasa and Armin came through the trees.

"Hey, you two! Are you coming back or what?" Mikasa yelled to us.

"We're actually just about to head out!" I called back, Eren and I both standing.

"We are?" Eren asked, to which I nudged him in the arm.

     Eren hugged his sister and best friend, with a sad expression. Seeing that look on his face made my heart drop.

"I guess I'll see you guys around Christmas..." Eren said, lowering his gaze to the ground.

"Actually..." Armin began, looking over to Mikasa in hopes she would finish the sentence.

"We bought an apartment in your complex. Top floor, room 137." Mikasa smiled, throwing the scarf back over her neck.

"Hey! That's right next door!" Eren beamed, jumping excitedly.

"We move in tomorrow." Armin hugged Eren, as Eren hugged Mikasa.

     We started out of the forested area in Black Dynamite, Eren still smiling with happiness. I smiled lightly, too, at the thought of him being happy. Maybe with his sister and best friend living that close, maybe I can figure out other things he enjoys. Maybe I can communicate how I feel. My heart warmed up at the first lovely thought I've had all day.



The End

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