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     Levi and I arrived at our destination 30 minutes after we left the parking deck. The rain had calmed down, but still steadily fell from the sky. Entering Red Lobster, a waiter kindly took us to our seats. We scanned the menu for anything appetizing, as Levi cleared his throat and closed the menu.

"Eren, how much have you been thinking?" He asked, folding his arms on the table.

"Come again?" I asked, not quite getting his question.

"About me. You had a funny gaze when I first met you at Starbucks yesterday. I just want to know." Levi seemed to be holding back a smirk, which caused my face to burn in embarrassment. I started to respond, but the waiter returned, ready to take our orders.

     Levi got the fish and chips platter, while I got lobster tails and popcorn shrimp. We sat in silence until our meal came, almost half an hour later.

"Would either one of you gentlemen care for a spirit?" The waiter asked, pulling out his pen and notebook.

"I-I'm too young." I stuttered, returning to my food.

"Long Island Ice Tea, if you would." I opened my eyes wide at Levi, as the waiter left to fulfill the order.

"Levi! Why are you getting alcohol?" I whisper-yelled, dropping my fork.

"What? You can drive, can't you?" He looked at me like I was stupid!

"I don't do well in the dark or the rain, Levi." I slumped back in my seat, annoyed.

     The night went on, and so did the Long Island Ice Teas. First it was 1, then 2, then a strawberry margarita, and then another one of those awful smelling teas. It got so bad, that they refused to serve him anymore alcoholic beverages. Trying to help him walk, I took his arm in mine, paid the bill, and left. He was so drunk and ordered so many drinks, I doubt I'll have a paycheck this week! We got out to the Impala, as I helped Levi into the passenger seat.

"Levi, what's your address so I can take you home?" I asked, not bothering to look at him while I stuck the keys in the ignition.

"Howsa...howsa bout...you show me w-where you *hiccup* live, sweetheart?" I looked over at the man who just got hired as a prestigious college professor, and sighed heavily.

     If I didn't know where Levi lived, I'd have to keep him over.

*Time Skip* 

     I practically had to drag Levi to my apartment. He kept trying to hit on maids and desk clerks from the front lobby. Once we got inside my apartment, however, Otto was laying on the couch I had planned to put Levi on.

"Hey, boy. Sorry about this, but you're going to have to move." I walked over carefully nudging Otto, but keeping Levi in my grasp still.

     I laid him down gently, since he was short his whole body fit on the couch without a problem. I walked into my bedroom to get spare pillows for him. Once I came back, Levi was knocked out cold. He didn't snore, which was a HUGE relief. Delicately placing the pillows under his head, I draped a Star Wars blanket over his body. Walking into the kitchen, I decided to take a look outside on the balcony.

     The rain had let up, the only water falling being the runoff from buildings. It was severely humid, so I didn't stay outside for long. I slogged back into the house, exhausted from my night. I decided to let Otto sleep in the front room tonight with Levi, in case he woke up and tried to take anything or leave. I shut my room door, throwing myself onto the plush bed. I looked at the clock, 11:30 p.m. . Even though it was late, my brain decided to text Lizabeth, even though it might wake her up. "Hey, Lizabeth. Something's come up, I can't make it in tomorrow. It's rather personal, so I'd prefer it be kept between you and I. Levi's over, passed out drunk on my sofa. Anyhow, I might drop in after hours and help clean up. Goodnight, Lizabeth."  

     I hit send, my iPhone creating a small whoosh sound. Plugging in my phone, I turned my alarm off and forced my body to sleep.

*Time Skip*

"Come on, Eren! It'll be fun!" Armin called to me, Mikasa trailing behind. "Slow down, Armin!" I called back, breathing heavily and running after the pair. Armin's blond hair swaying in the warm breeze as him and my sister, Mikasa, broke through the tree line. "Eren, come quickly!" I heard him yell. Once I broke the tree line myself, I stared in awe at what was before us. Blue waves crashed against the surface, forming puffy white foam. I bent down to run my hand through the sand, still amazed. "Eren, we made it. We've finally reached the ocean." Armin began to tear up, as Mikasa glanced over at me and smiled. I grabbed everyone's hands, and joined us in a circle. "Let's never forget this, guys." I smiled at them both, tears beginning to form in my eyes. "Yeah! Friends forever, right?" Armin beamed, eyeing Mikasa and I. "Agreed." Mikasa simply stated. "Yeah, Armin. Friends forever."

    I awoke to Otto barking from the front room. Not fully awake, I drowsily lumbered out of my comfy bed and into the living room. I was rudely brought to attention by Levi spraying me in the face with what seemed like...glass cleaner?

"Oi, Eren. Your apartment is filthy. I took it upon myself to start cleaning." I felt the stinging in my eyes from the cleaner, and ran over to the sink.

"What the hell did you spray me for?!" I yelled, flushing out my eyes.

"You're dirty too." Levi grunted, wiping off the mirror on the hall closet.

     Otto was still growling, so I walked over to see what was the matter. He had a freshly groomed coat, and an entirely new bed. My eyes widened as I furrowed my brows, turning back around to the short man.

"What the hell, Levi?" He turned around, a white bandanna covering his nose and mouth.

"What? Your dog smelled awful and his bed was 10x worse. So I got him groomed and bought a new one." He resumed wiping the mirror down.

"You were utterly smashed last night! How do you not have a hangover?!" I yelled in annoyance, walking into the kitchen.

"I bought a cheeseburger." He now went over to the TV, and brought out a different spray bottle to wipe its screen.

     Opening my fridge, I noticed it was organized perfectly, but half my food was thrown out. I put my face in my hands, and muffled a scream. Walking over to the coin bowl by the door, I noticed the keys to Levi's Impala were still there. I picked them up, walking back into my room to get a change of clothes. I picked out a plain black shirt, with a black/white/burgundy flannel overthrow, acid wash loose jeans, and black Vans. I walked out of my room, twirling the keys around my finger.

"What've you got Black Dynamite's keys for, Jaeger?" Levi stood back up from cleaning the entertainment center, staring at me.

"I'm going out to get groceries. Since you've ever so graciously cleaned out my shelves and refrigerator, I'll graciously borrow your car." I put my phone in my pocket, walking over to the door.

"If there is a scratch on my baby..." Levi groaned, turning back around.

     I walked out of the apartment, giving Otto a pet before I shut the door. The hallway was as dreary and boring as ever. The elevator ride was silent, the old woman not making an appearance. The lobby seemed full for a Thursday morning, and even had a line of 3 people at the desk. I didn't look too closely at them, especially because I needed to go get groceries, or Otto and I would be living off the drywall.

     The Impala was parked in a parallel spot in front of the building, so I didn't have to walk far. Once I sat myself in the drivers seat, I adjusted my mirrors. I reached for the radio, but only noticed a cassette player. Raising an eyebrow, I looked all around the car for tapes. I found a box behind the passenger seat, and began flipping through them. I settled on a band I recognized, Motley Crue. Pushing the tape into the player, I started up the engine, and began to drive through the city.

We can sail away, 

Or catch a freight train,

Or a rocket ship,

Into outer space.

Nothin' left to do,

Too many things were said.

To ever make it feel like yesterday did.

Seasons must change,

Separate paths, separate ways.

If we blame it on anything,

Let's blame it on the rain.

    I pulled into the parking lot to the Wal*Mart Supercenter. Puddles from yesterdays thunderstorm littered the pavement. Getting out of the Impala, I double checked to make sure I had locked it. Walking inside, a door-greeter waved hello to me. I took a cart from the corral, and began my least favorite thing on the face of the earth...grocery shopping.

     The cart's wheels squeaked as I pushed it along the filthy tile. People pushing passed each other to get to a cheaply made toy for their kids. That's right...the Christmas crazies are already out... I made my way over to the food side, getting the necessities. Chocolate milk, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, sandwich things, and so on. I also picked up some candy and a new lock for my secret sweets stash. Since I had a feeling Levi wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Speaking of which, isn't Levi a college professor? I got out my cell and called him.

"What?" Levi said from the other end of the line.

"Uh, don't you teach at a college, Levi? When are you supposed to be there?" I was almost laughing, the thought of Levi blowing off his job on his second day was amusing.

"I called in. Told them I was developing bronchitis." I heard the distance spritz of a spray bottle. 

"Wait... isn't that like..." I was interrupted by him.

"Yeah, I'll be out until Monday. Which means, I can't be seen in public..." Levi slowly stopped talking.

"Which means you'll be with me until Sunday night." I finished his sentence for him.

"Precisely, Eren. I'll see you when you're home." The receiver clicked, and I put my phone back in my pocket.

     I groaned out loud, wiping a hand across my face. I checked out of Wal*Mart, and loaded the groceries in the Impala. As I finished loading, I shut the trunk and picked up on a familiar face across the way. Light brown eyes, black hair that gracefully fell down passed her shoulders. I swore I saw a red scarf around her neck, but shrugged it off and slid into the driver's seat. Turning the keys in the ignition, I drove home.

     Once I did get home, I forced my body to carry in all the bags at once. The elevator was empty once again, to my pleasure. Once I made it to my door, I kicked at it in hopes Levi would open it for me. Instead, I was greeted by a taller man who had a dark brown undercut with lighter brown layers on top. I stared at him, wondering how the hell he got into my apartment.

"Oh, hey. I'm Jean. I live across the hall from you. Your roommate left to do the laundry down on the 3rd floor. I offered to watch your room for you." He stepped aside, allowing me to dump the groceries on the kitchen table. 

"So, Jean, did this gnome-of-a-roommate say when he'd be back?" I asked, popping my knuckles.

"Well, he carried down 4 baskets of clothes..." Jean scratched the back of his head.

"-sigh- Well, I'm going to put my groceries up. Nice meeting you, Jean." I shook his hand, leading him out of my apartment.

     Once he was gone, I tossed a biscuit to Otto who was slowly getting used to his new bed. I carefully put everything away, making sure to organize it so Levi wouldn't throw everything out. Flipping on the TV for background noise, I kicked off my shoes and sat on the couch. Looking up at the television, I noticed a sticky note. Getting up to read it, I peeled it off the screen and had a look at it. "Check your room. ~L" Levi must've wrote it.

     I stuck the note on the doorframe to my room, creaking the door open. My bed was perfectly made, a new black bed set contrasted the royal blue pillows. A candle burned on my nightstand, and a single white rose with a velvet ribbon was set in the dead center of my bed.


The End

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