"Crawling from hell, fallen from grace, there's nothing left for you to take! Dragging a nail through my mistakes, so we can Reincarnate!" I rolled over to slide my alarm off, and Otto walked over to my side, beginning to lick my hair.

"Ugh! Otto! You'll give me a cow-lick again!" I yelled, pushing aimlessly at the German Shepherd's face. I grabbed hold of his snout, pushing him away.

     As I was standing next to my bed and enjoying my morning stretch, it came to mind that my curtains were still wide open. In a rush of embarrassment, I drew them closed. I unplugged my phone from the charger, seeing if I had any notifications come over night. A text from Lizabeth, "Hey, we had to close today. Machines won't work!" I sighed, realizing I could've stayed in bed a few more hours. Scrolling through more, I noticed a Twitter alert.

"Notifications like these come once in a blue moon." I muttered to myself, checking it out anyway.

     @ProfessorCleanFreak tagged you in a photo: Ready for my first day! And some Starbucks afterwards... #secretwhitegirl. I cringed from secondhand embarrassment. A professor using hashtags! I laughed, though, seeing his charming grey eyes contrast his black undercut hair. Wait, Eren. What the hell are you thinking? I gripped my phone in my hand as I walked out of my room, still in my boxers. Throwing on a bathrobe from the hall closet, I turned up the heat slightly.

     It had been a while since Otto and I had been out somewhere, and the weather was only slightly overcast. Turning on the stove and bringing the eggs out, I called Otto into the kitchen.

"Hey, boy! How's about we go for a walk here soon?" I spoke in a baby voice. He barked with enthusiasm, flopping his tongue to the side.

     Finishing making my omelette, I sat myself once again in front of the television to watch some news. The weather was on at the moment, so I listened intently. 

"Today in Maria, Oregon, the skies will be a cool overcast until around noon. Then, as the afternoon progresses, a 75% chance of rain makes its way to us for tonight into tomorrow morning. Thunderstorms are expected around 9 a.m. tomorrow, sticking with us through the day. High today: 73 with a low of 47." It changed to sports, and I blocked that out, stuffing my face with my breakfast.

     Putting my dishes up, I changed into rather athletic attire my friends had gotten me for Christmas last year. I felt saddened as I put them on, knowing we had not seen each other since my big move this previous January. It was August now, almost a new year. Throwing on a light jacket, I hooked Otto up to his leash, leaving my apartment. 

     Thankfully, the creepy old granny I met yesterday wasn't in the elevator. Otto and I left the complex with only a few people stopping and asking to pet him. The streets were more vacant today, which won a sigh of relief from me (and Otto, if he could). Being forced to avoid public means of transportation, we walked to the nearest fenced in dog park. Once we made it securely inside the double-gated entrance, I unhooked Otto's leash and let him roam freely.

"Hewwo, mister. Your puppy is reawwy pwetty." A small boy came up to me, gesturing to Otto rolling around in the grass.

"Thank you, kid. You can play with him if you like." I smiled warmly, which caused the boy to laugh in excitement.

     Leaning back on the bench, I pulled out my phone. Snapping a picture of the boy petting Otto, as Otto licked his face. I applied a retro looking filter, and logged on to Twitter to post it. My account name is @ThatAwkwardJaeger, and the caption read, "@ThatAwkwardJaeger: Enjoying a day off with Otto! It's always nice to see little kids having fun with him, too." I posted it, clicking my phone off and putting it back in my pocket.

"Come on, Llayne. Enough playing with puppies. It's about to rain." A tall woman came over to the boy playing with Otto.

"B-But..." His lip started to quiver.

"No buts, Llayne. Come on, now." She lifted him up, leaving the dog park.

     I felt my phone buzz once, and a second time not too shortly after. Both were from Twitter, and I opened them with curiosity. "@ProfessorCleanFreak liked your photo" I smirked, switching to see what the other one was. It was a direct message from Levi. "Hey, so I see Starbucks is closed. Want to meet up tonight, perhaps?" I replied back, saying that I'd love to, all I needed was a time and place.

     A few moments later, my phone buzzed again. It was a reply from Levi, saying, "Red Lobster? Tonight at 9? Gotta go, I'm in the middle of teaching". The last bit made me chuckle. He was taking time out of his teaching to set up a d- Eren, don't you dare say that. He simply wants to hang out. That's all. I called Otto over, clicking his leash to a loop in his collar. We left the dog park as thunder rumbled quietly in the distance.

*Time Skip to right before dinner* 

     I finished tying the bowtie, folding down my collar. I had decided to dress semi-formal, my pants being black skinny jeans. I ruffled my hair, giving it a few brushes. I had been playing Blink-182 while I was getting ready, and suddenly it cut out. My phone began to ring from the other room, causing Otto to bark.

"Calm down, calm down." I picked up the phone, disconnecting it from the speaker.

"This is Eren Jaeger." I spoke, propping it on my shoulder.

"Y-Yeah, Eren? This is Levi. I found one of your co-workers on the street and she gave me your number. Anyway, is there a parking garage near your complex?" I heard jingling in the background, most likely cause of his keys.

"Yes there is. It's called Freedom Heights parking deck. Named exactly after the complex I live in. Listen, I've gotta go. See you in a couple hours?" I looked at the clock, it was already 7:45.

"An hour 15, Jaeger. But yes, I'll see you then." The call ended, and I carefully placed my phone on the counter.

     I furrowed my brows at his last comment. Damn, did he have to be such a smartass? I decided to stand on the balcony, the doors being right behind my kitchen table. Walking outside, the heavy aroma of rain smashed into my nostrils. Looking to the side, I noticed a monstrous storm front that sent a shiver of fear down my spine. Thunderstorms were my least favorite thing... The wind started to gust, so I shut the doors to my kitchen. Sitting on a nearby chair, I watched the city grow darker as people rushed home to be with their families, or alone.

     The wind came in short gusts. Thunder rumbled, closer this time. I jumped when I heard what sounded like thunder, but upon closer inspection of the streets below, I noticed a black Chevy Impala driving into the darkness of the parking deck across the street. I made my way back inside when rain started to fall slowly. Sure enough, Murphy's Law went into affect. Soon as I shut the balcony doors, it began to pour. And I'm talking hurricane level pouring. 

"Hey, Otto. Come here." I called my dog onto the couch with me, where he laid across my lap while I rested my shoes on the coffee table. I didn't have any dress shoes, so I was forced to go with Converse.

"Think Levi can make it in this rain, boy?" I rubbed his head, and he just slumped against me.

     We sat in silence for near 20 minutes. I say silence, what I actually meant was the storm raged on outside as we cowered in fear from my living room. A knock came to the door, and I wouldn't have heard it if it weren't for Otto jumping up and barking.

"Coming!" I called, getting up from the comfortable nest I had made.

"Oh, hey, Levi." I said in shock, looking down at him.

"May I, Eren?" He gestured towards my apartment.

"U-Uhm, yeah. S-Sure...make yourself at home." I stepped aside so Levi could enter.

     As he walked into my apartment, I noticed the forest green rain jacket he was wearing. It had these wings, one side blue, one side white, with a shield behind them. He was dressed rather casually, which choked me up but made me relieved at the same time.

"Sorry about coming early. I know it's only 8:15, but I was thinking we could leave earlier. Especially with the storm." He shoved his hands in his jacket pocket, turning to face me.

"That's totally fine, Levi. Just let me grab my phone." I was still curious about the symbol on his jacket, but decided to drop it.

     I walked out and grabbed my keys off the counter, beginning to walk to the door. Levi cleared his throat, as I turned around in curiosity.

"Eren, are you crazy? It's raining cats and dogs out there. Aren't you going to grab a coat or an umbrella or something?" Levi looked both confused and dismayed.

"U-Uhm, well. I'm not used to having to w-walk on the streets much...I just ride the bus everywhere..." I felt my face growing hot, as I looked away from the short man.

"Here, have mine." He began unzipping his rain coat, sliding his arms through the sleeves.

     Despite my futile attempts to refuse the jacket, he ended up just throwing it on my face. I sighed, realizing there was no way for me to reject him. We left my apartment, making our way down the hall. Levi pressed the button, as we both waited for the elevator. Much to my dismay, when the doors opened, the creepy old woman was standing in the back. Levi and I walked in, pressing the lobby button.

"So, where're you young boys headed off to?" Granny voices creeped me out.

"Red Lobster. We're having dinner." Levi immediately replied, raising an eyebrow but not looking at her.

"Oh, well, be careful out tonight. This storms pretty fierce." She got off on the 3rd floor, as Levi and I sighed in relief.

     I threw on Levi's jacket he gave me as we prepared ourselves for the torrential downpour that waged on outside. Zipping up the coat and throwing the hood over my head, I nodded down at the man as we both burst through the apartment complex doors, yelling against the storm that pelted us, showing no sign of relent. Once we made it inside the parking deck, we both took a breather. Levi's top portion of his hair looked blended with his undercut, giving him an unusual look. Without knowing it, I laughed.

"Oi, brat. What's so funny?" He cocked his head to look at me.

"N-Nothing, Levi." I took the hood off, shaking the little water that had gotten in my hair, out.

     We walked up to the second floor of the parking garage, looking for Levi's car. Soon, though, he bolted towards the black Impala I had seen drive in just before the storm hit. He unlocked it, and I picked up the pace so that Levi wouldn't be kept waiting. I noticed he was draping towels and blankets all over the seats, as to cover up the leather. Smirking, I carefully sat down so I wouldn't disturb the towels.

      Levi fired up the car, and I guess he noticed me staring around at it.

"She's a '67. Her name's Black Dynamite." I saw Levi smile, and for some apparent reason, seeing that sight made my heart soar.

"Hey, Levi, mind taking a picture with me? For posterity." I pulled out my blue backed iPhone, waving it lightly in my hand. 

"S-Sure, Eren. I'd lo-like to." He unbuckled, scooting over to me.

     We took a quick picture together, and I quickly opened Twitter when he scooted back over to buckle his seat-belt. I got the picture all set up nicely, and posted it. Levi backed up the car, and the engine roared to life out of the parking deck, into the equally massive storm.

     @ThatAwkwardJaeger tagged @ProfessorCleanFreak in a photo: Out to dinner...who knew? #itstartedwithcoffee. 



The End

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