.:Never Go Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man:.Mature

In the fictional town of Maria, Oregon, 19 year old Eren Jaeger works as a Starbucks Coffee Barista. He is awestruck one afternoon when a short, dashingly handsome man waltzes in. The sharp dressed male introduces himself as Levi (since Baristas write your name on the cup). Unable to shake the man from his thoughts, Eren is distressed. Will he go out of his way to talk to this man with steel eyes? Find out!

"The jig is up! The news it out! They finally found me! The Renegade, who had it made, retrieved for a b-" Picking up my phone, I turned off the alarm with annoyance. Another morning, another day at work.

     Rolling out of my king sized bed, I lazily through the comforter and sheets back on top of the plush mattress. The lavender curtains in my room were closed, so I walked over to let some light in. I drank in the sights of Maria, Oregon. The shuttle buses making constant stops, picking up those going to work or school. Running a hand through my brown locks, I turned my back to the bustling city and made my way to the kitchen.

     My German Shepherd Otto was sitting gracefully on the love-seat, peering over to me with carefree eyes. He flopped his tongue out, panting lightly. Smiling at my only friend in this entire apartment complex. Trudging onto the tile floor of my small kitchen, I pulled the milk jug from the fridge and some Chips Ahoy from the cabinet. I'd eat a few cookies, then take a swig from the milk hug. After my "breakfast", I walked back into my room to change into my uniform.

"Hey, Otto, think I'l get promoted today?" I asked my dog, who walked in and jumped on my bed. Of course, he's a dog, and the only response I got was a bark.

"Yeah, you said it, pal." Slipping on the green Starbucks apron, I lead Otto out of my room.

     I dug my keys out of the coin bowl I kept them in by the door, and took one last look at my pokey German Shepherd, closing the door behind me. Making sure it was locked, I began the journey down the rather boring hallway. The same grey walls, and black carpet with white trim. I hit the button on the elevator, waiting for it to arrive. I was leaning forward on my toes and back down on my ankles, puffing up my cheeks. God, Eren. Find some better things to pass the time rather than your stupid quirks. 

     The black doors spread open, revealing an old woman and a younger business woman. We all exchanged good mornings, as the younger woman got off on the next floor. It was just me and this granny, descending the building floor by floor. As we got to the lobby, I left the doors while she stayed in.

"Young man!" I heard her call. I spun around, not expecting it.

"Today's your lucky day." She said with a smirk, the elevator doors coming to a close.

     Raising an eyebrow, I pondered on what the old woman meant. Today's my lucky day? Will I get promoted? I shook my head, walking out of the apartment building. The streets were as busy as ever on a Tuesday, some people were rushing because they were late. I smiled, happy to be where I was. Waiting at the bus stop, I admired the fact that there was no need to sit on the covered bench. Today was one of those rare days in Maria where it didn't rain, and was quite sunny.

     My shuttle came soon after I arrived, and I shuffled on with everybody else. We paid our 2$ to ride, and the bus was off. I got the privilege to sit instead of stand and hold onto a bar. I pulled out my iPhone 5c, its blue back cover sitting in my palm. Swiping through the news, I decided to give my social media accounts a run through. Nothing much happening in the world except a few birthdays and some chick getting pregnant. The shuttle came to a halt, and I looked outside to see the Starbucks I work at.

     Hopping off the steps, I took a quick stretch and walked inside the coffee shop. Already, at 8:45 a.m., people were standing in line to get an overpriced drink. I took on a glum face, but quickly wiped it away when one of my co-workers greeted me.

"Morning, Eren! Mind working register today?" She asked, her red ponytail swaying as she bounced over.

"Not a problem, Lizabeth. I'd be happy to." I smiled, shaking her hand.

"Fantastic, here's your name tag. Corporate issued everybody new ones." She handed me the thick plastic with 'Eren Jaeger' plastered on the front in curly letters.

     I pushed the pins inside my shirt, clicking them so they wouldn't stab me throughout the day. I opened up the third register, making sure everything was working correctly. I clapped my hands together, and sighed.

"I can help whoever's next over here!" I called out, several people shifting over to form yet another line.

     Oi. This is going to be a busy day.

*Time Skip*

     The lunch rush was now over, and we were at a period in the day where there were only 1 or 2 people in the shop. I cracked my knuckles, and turned to face the 2 other cashiers that had been on shift. We joked about people we had seen with funny outfits, and our dreams...should we ever chase them. Their dreams were all to go to university or to try and "make it big", but then there's me.

"I want the best paying job my high school diploma can get me, so I can provide a better place for my dog." I felt my face turning different shades of red, as I looked over outside the window.

"That's actually a really good idea...maybe that should be my plan for my 8 cats and I!" The second cashier, Anna, giggled.

"Alright, guys! It's almost time for 5 o'clock traffic! Prepare yourselves!" I heard Lizabeth call from the drive through position, fixating her headset.

     Right as 5 hit, people slowly filed in. But then closer to 5:30, the bulk showed up. It was like someone opened the flood gates! One person after the other, some ordering 4 drinks at once. Good god, I barely have enough money to pay for 2 of these at a time... The lines got smaller, and the traffic began to thin out. Every one else's lines were still full, yet nobody was over in mine. I took delight in the break, grabbing myself a water bottle from the mini fridge we hide under the counter. As I look back up, a short man (5ft 3 give or take a few inches) was staring dead at me with his grey, steel coloured eyes.

"U-Uh yes, my name is Eren. What may I get for  you?" I was trying not to stutter, which was odd. I never had trouble speaking with the public.

"Venti Vanilla bean creme frappuccino, if you would." The man turned his head to look down in his duffel bag. His black hair wavering over his undercut. Looking back up, he handed me a debit card.

"Your n-name, sir?" I asked, swiping the card and handing it back.

"Levi." He spoke coldly, but not in an unfriendly sense.

     I picked up the largest cup we had, writing his name in black sharpie on the side and marking the boxes for 'blended', writing 'VBC' for drink type. Sliding it on down to one of our barista's, I smiled at the man now known to me as Levi, telling him it would be just a moment. I tapped my fingers uneasily on the stone counter, switching my gaze once again to him. As I saw his drink being finished, I rushed over to take it from the barista.

"Vanilla bean creme frapp for Levi!" I called out, my hand was shaking from nervousness. I mentally slapped myself.

"Much appreciated, Eren." He smiled at me, his thin lips parting slightly.

     The short man walked out, the pointed ends of his suit bouncing along with his gait. I wiped my head, as Anna and Lizabeth were giggling at me. Quickly turning to them, my face began to blush once more.

"Wh-What's so funny?!" I demanded, my voice continuing to stutter.

"The way you looked at him, Eren!" Anna covered her mouth in a giggle fit.

"Yeah, it's totes obvious!" Lizabeth put her hand around Anna's shoulder for support.

"He's a total stranger, you guys! What're you trying to say?!" I walked passed the girls, signing the clock-out sheet.

     The two continued to giggle even as I left the door. The small bell ringing in the distance as I left Starbucks, this time sitting on the bench with the cover above it. Once the bus arrived, I was forced to stand up, holding on to a bar for support. The bus ride was bumpy, and it made several stops. Finally, though, mine came. I eagerly exited the public transportation, leaving behind the stench of people. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, noticing I had a follower request on Twitter. Sliding the notification bar, the request was from @ProfessorCleanFreak. Looking above the username, the face of that steel-eyed man was sitting just above his real name. 

"Levi Ackerman." I said aloud, tapping the 'accept' button at the top right. I shoved my phone into my pocket, walking inside the complex.

"Evening, sir. I hope your day was fantastic!" A desk clerk called to me, to which I waved and smiled warmly at her.

     I had now placed myself in the familiar setting of the elevator. I decided to pop my earbuds in, since I lived on the top floor and I'd be in here a little bit. Rise Against came on shuffle, as I nodded my head along to the bass. A few floors up, that old woman from this morning entered, opening her mouth to say something. I couldn't understand her, so I pulled an earbud out.

"Come again?" I asked politely.

"I said, young man, was your day lucky as I had said?" I jumped a little at her question, Levi's face in the forefront of my mind.

"Y-Yes, it w-was." I muttered, poking the white earbud back in my ear. We reached the top floor, and I exited the elevator.

     Unlocking my door at the end of the hall, I walked in to a gracious greeting from Otto. He was walking in circles, following me everywhere. I made a quick sandwich, plopping down on the small couch to watch television for a few minutes. I was one of those weird people who liked to watch the evening news and actually pay attention to it. A well-known local reporter flashed to my screen, filling my ears with information.

"And today, we celebrate the hiring of a new professor at the prestigious university we like to call our own, Maria University for Accelerated Courses. His name is Levi Ackerman, and he shall be teaching a class of advanced chemistry starting tomorrow. Wish him luck, ladies and gentlemen!" I turned the TV off in shock, pushing Otto off my lap and heading for my room.

     This man was everywhere, now that I'd seen him at Starbucks earlier today. I will admit, something about him was...captivating. No, no, Eren. Shut up. I stripped down to my boxers, and curled under my comforters. I let out a hefty oof as Otto plopped down on my legs. It occurred to me that I had not closed my curtains, but I stared at them and though eh, what the hell. Plugging my phone in and making sure my alarm was set, I drifted off into a deep slumber.

The End

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