Legends of vampires, demons and men like wolves quiver story tellers mouths and echo's in there hearts. Kyxel a mere human boy, faces a world of nightmares. scince the day he was born Creatures haunted and tortured there prey as they watch him suffer. Till anger made this boy stronger then even fear, Faster then reaction, and deadlier then the grim reaper. His kind was only known by demons as symnyx Or together night .(Human and beast brings darkness) Only a hand full of his kind and even less t

Chap 1, Greetings

Kyxel, Hunny wake up! You have a long day. Once like always no sleep all night they kept me up for the 16th year in a row. I try to tell my parents, now i have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and go to some doctors. Some sort of shot they give me, they say its to calm me. Already the're giving me enough to put an elephant to sleep (FOREVER).  To make me feel comfortble they let my my stay at the hospital as my father arrest criminals. Someone powerful must hate my family the boss assigned my father to the most dangerous place in asis. My mom actually is a pretty safe person she works in the hospital. Well now she does, She's been going to medical school Scince i was 9 trying to figure out whats wrong with me. My only grandparent is my fathers mom an ex-gang member atleast thats what they said when i saw the tattoo. Grandma always told me " Look toward the light not the dark to travel in your destiny" I still dont understand. These creatures are almost human like in the light, In the dark you see a monster so repulsive your eyes bleed. Thats one of the symtoms my mom trys to cure. I'm not really sure up to this point I was able to keep sain. As of yesterday they made screaming sounds to get me more doped up in medicine.

          A month past now I cant handle it, i finally could sleep and i awake to a room full of human corspe. The people were patients according to the doctors was going home in the morning. The truck came i could hear my mother pleading. It was time to go into the darkness. I  hear them laughing I see them craving...  choas..

The End

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