Storm Drain

Gordon's esophogal linings quivered as the acrid smelling liquid scorched its way down his now incredibly sore throat. Burnt to the core, yet grateful for the kind gesture, he motioned to Hannah in fidgeting urgency for a cold glass of water.

"Oh dear? Is the tea too hot? Let me fetch you a glass of water."

She flicked on the tap, sending oodles of brown slop into a tall glass. Pouring out the tainted water, followed by a quick perusal of the fridge resulted in the discovery of a bottle of Aquafina from long ago.

"Here you go."

Hannah franticly launched the bottle towards Gord, but in the process knocked the lamp on the pile of Oprah's into an explosion of shards over the carpet.

"Oops.. I have bad aim" blushed Hannah as Gordon still writhed in pain.

Gordon could not contain the pain any longer, and with a quick jaunt to the sink, he gulped a contaminated slushy of deposited sediments that somehow found its way into the drainage system that day.

Cold and comforting, the pain washed away as the sludge made its way down Gordon's intestinal waterslide.

"God... that did not taste good." Gordon flexed his neck muscles in disgust.

Hannah handed him the water bottle she pitched to him prior to his gagging tantrum.

"Sorry, I just fired my plumber." pleaded Hannah.

Her plumber also happened to be an ex-boyfriend of hers, who frequently swindled her attention through thorough inspections of her pipes.

"I'm sorry to hear that..?" Gordon was uncertain of his attempts of condolence.

In an effort to divert her attention, he glanced downward at his watch.

"Shoot.. um.. I need to get to work.. like.. now..."

Hannah nervously played with her sweaty palms as her seduce-the-grieving-man-with-the-dead-hamster card  started to wither away.

"Do you need a ride?" she asked.





The End

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