Stealing SunshineMature

Confessions of a Broken Girl : Stealing Sunshine.
A girl is forced by her mother to spend her summer with a boy she has never met, just heard crazy things of. She expected a summer of hell, but will he change her expectations?


"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."

-Alexander Smith.

Confessions of a Broken Girl : Stealing Sunshine


She looked out her bedroom window, wondering if he was at college now. She missed him so much, the way his smile and laugh made her smile and laugh. Who would know that Candice ’Candy’ Shyla  would fall in love with a man that shouldn’t even be hers? 

She’s been awake, lying on her bed, looking out her window at the forest for about an hour now. She was tired, she hadn’t gotten much sleep since he left her a few days ago, who would? The day which he left her, just torn heart in two. 

Even if she could take summer back, all the days that she was forced to be with him, she knew deep down in her heart that she couldn’t say that. She hated him, she even wished he was dead. He made her summer a living hell. Well that was until she fell for those eyes, lips, body, even his personality.

Candy lost her train of thought at the sound of a knock on her door. Susan, Candy’s mother, came to check on her. Although she sort of put her in this mess, she didn’t feel sorry or ashamed. It didn’t stop her from caring. I mean who knows what anyone would do when they’re heartbroken, right?

“How you holding up?” Susan whispered as she sat on the end of Candy’s bed. Susan touched Candy on the leg and she couldn’t help but flinch away; She hasn’t forgiven Susan for what she put her into. All Candy wanted was a normal summer, a little shopping, sunbathing when the weather was nice and hanging out with her friends. Her stupid mother changed all of this though when she decided that a work college was more important then her own daughter… typical.

“Great. Just great,” Candy snapped at her mom, grabbing a pillow and covering her face, trying to cover her tears, that always seem to betray her.

“I-I,” Susan couldn’t finish what she wanted to say. She was too hurt by the fact that she’s done this to her daughter. Brought her to stay in bed for hours without sleeping. Brought her to stop eating. The only time she left her room was to go to the bathroom.

“Mom, pl-pl-please leave,” Candy’s voice croaked. She was really hurting and Sandra knew this, and that’s what broke her heart.

“Sweetie. Why not tell me about your summer? It might make you feel better?” She whispered softly, pulling Candy onto her lap, just like she use to when Candy was a toddler. 

“Mom, it hurts, what you put me through has made me hurt real bad.” Candy finally let her tears fall down her face. Rubbing her head on her moms chest, trying to find a place to rest, for the story that was coming up next.


The End

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