Taya stood at the top of the stairs, watching Shock with steely eyes.

"Get over to the couches, we have our first mission." She didn't acknowledge Shock's presence.

"What about that other guy?" Gizmo asked, still facing the flat screen. "I swear I saw him before my test."

Taya bit her lip and looked back at the stairs. "He has been assigned to go on the mission before us. He has already been tested, like me."

Shock scrunched his eyebrows as he flopped on the couch. "What's this "mission you speak of anyway?"


Dante didn't move as he watched the other boy scuttle across the room in the darkness. He didn't say a word as the half-bot just about brushed up against his arm. The whole time Dante could feel a cold arm wrapped around his shoulder.

Reminds me of the touch of a Vampire.... Dante thought as the lights flickered on.

He twirled around and found no one there. Not even a trace of the person's presence.

"Dante, I you are about the be breifed about your mission." The voice wasn't new. It was the voice of Tallos, their leader and savior, or so he proclaimed. He never showed himself, and no one knew why. "I'm sending you early, to take care of a few, altercations in front of our mission area."

"You do understand what I specialize in, right?" Dante shifted his weight as he glanced around the ever changing training room.

"This is why I picked you and not our dear Heartless friend hiding in his room upstairs." Tallos' voice made Dante touch the small knife on his hip. "This is more suitible assignment for you."

The End

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