Press The Red Button

Shock knew immediately when he saw the pulsating pink and blue lines under the mans skin that he must have been someone like him. Someone who had upgraded their natural body beyond its original limits.

When the man shook his hand, his microsensors sent his DNA profile to be examined by a database. Within moments, he got the mans record sent to his memory implant. Competition, eh? And what did he mean I'd have my hands full?

"Mr. Mend... Shock, please. We don't have all day." the bulky man said as he gestured toward a door.

The room behind it was dark, a red glow coming from the opposite end. There were wires running all over the room, but he figured they were simply for lighting or other such common things. Until the door locked behind him, that is.

"What's the idea?" he yelled at where he assumed the door was. "The idea, Shock" a speaker sounded from every direction. It was the large man that had brought him here. "is to press that red button without setting off any alarms. You have two minutes."

"Great, testing." he mumbled as he scanned the ceiling. The wires running through the ceiling were either lights or alarms. But upon searching the rest of the room, he found most of the wires were concentrated in the floor. He checked one more time for anything suspicious, but couldn't see anything.

He pressed his hand to the ground. Metal. Third of an inch thick. Hollow under neither.

He looked at the wiring in the floor. It all ran in the small hollow space under the floor. I guess cutting the wire is out of the question.

He sneaked forward, his enhanced ears focusing on finding any sound from an electrical device. His eyes adjusted to the low lighting, and he could see panes of glass stretching from floor to ceiling scattered around the room. Wires snaked from each end. Shock guessed that if he bumped one, it would set off an alarm.

There also seemed to be several heat sensors scattered around, and he could see three infrared cameras. Please. Who do these people think they're dealing with?

He watched each camera, his memory and eye implants working together to time how fast they were moving, and where they were facing. Then he estimated how far the heat sensors reached. Then he made a mental map of the room, including all the glass panes and sensors. Lastly he set a simulation of the cameras moving inside this virtual map.

Perfect. There's a five second window I can pass through completely undetected.

He stood against the wall under the first camera, waiting for the first and second cameras to reach their positions. Once they were both looking away, he walked against the wall until he was under the second and repeated this with the last camera.

He crouched next to the flashing red button and rested his hand next to it. Boobytrapped.

He ran his hand down the side, searching for an imperfection in the metal. He had a few to choose from, so he picked the spot where it was thinnest, and there was a small hole half way through the metal about the width of a pinhead. "Time to show these people why they call me Shock."

He had an upgrade that pulled static electricity from the air and redirected it into a short electrical shock. The "static touch" as he called it.

He held his finger over the imperfection and sent an electric shock into the metal, through the metal, melted the coating over the wires under the button, and sent a current through them.

The wire under neither went pink for a fraction of a second before fading from his vision.

"Well done, Shock." the voice sounded. The lights in the room came on, and the door opened. "Your room is on the second floor. You can stay in any of the empty rooms you want. Breakfast is tomorrow at six thirty A.M. Don't be late."

The man turned around, but not without dropping something on the ground. Once the man had disappeared from view Shock went to the door. The had dropped a pen, but... there were very small wires coursing through it. "Interesting.." he muttered as he picked it up and slipped it in his pocket.

He checked his internal clock; 9 P.M. "Guess it's bed time."

The End

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