Gizmo froze as a hand clasped around his shoulder, it was cold against his bare skin.

"Don't move." His voice was like nails on a chalkboard. "This is the only safe part of the whole room. You must disable the security, and then you can see your room."

The had dissapeared from Gizmo's shoulder. It took a bit to register the fact that he had been placed in the middle of a technological minefield.

Gizmo switched his middle finger and his mechanical eye switched to infrared. He scanned the room and saw that there was no infrared grids.

Dropping to his knees, Gizmo pressed his ear against the cold floor and listened to the electrical wires running through the cement. Booby trap. 3 feet, 8 feet and 12 feet. Right, left ,left, double. Gizmo thought as he disconnected his hand.

Gizmo threw it towards the center of the dark room, and sent shock waves towards the trap floor squares.

Disabled, now for the locks on the door.

Gizmo's hand began crawling towards the door on the other end of the room. It jumped on the console next to the door and began typing.

Fingerprint needed. Simple 19 digit code. Gizmo made his hand press on the print pad and create a new print pass. Gizmo stood up and walked over to the  console.

New fingerprint, now I need a new code. Gizmo thought for a second then typed a 3 word code into the keypad.

"Am I Proven?" The cold voice laughed as the door clicked open. "Of course you are Gizmo. Go back upstairs and pick an empty room."

Gizmo stalked out of the test room and made his way towards the stairs he came down.

On his way down Gizmo ran into another person.

"Watch it!" The boy yelled. "What do you think you are.....Whoa."

Gizmo flickered his vision to x-ray, scanning for weaponry, but found electrial wires and microprossesors embeded in his skin.

"Are you a half bot?" Gizmo asked, he did have some more advanced technology, but his base was gears and cogs.

"What the hell is a half bot? Is that what you are? Half old school technology, half advanced technology, that's pretty wicked. I'm Shock." Shock put his hand out and helped Gizmo off his knees.

"What's with the electrics?" Gizmo asked

"Just a few upgrades, nothing much." Shock looked humble, but inside he felt better than the half-bot in front of him.

"Careful, you'll get a handfull down there." Gizmo began walking up the stairs shaking his head. Great, another electronic in the house. Now we got and electronic and a half.

Gizmo flopped in front of one of the flat screens and sighed. Competion in the house already.

The End

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