"You know I could escape at any moment I wanted to." Shock said as he was put, rather forcefully, into the back of a truck. He had been blindfolded, but he could tell a great deal without his eyesight.

The way he was being handled, he could tell this person had done this kind of thing many times before. From the deep voice, he could tell his "escort" was a male who exercised allot, causing large amounts of testosterone to alter his voice minutely. Just a few things he had picked up from a life where first impressions were the difference between life and death.

The man knew allot about him, so he must have been studying his record. After all, he knew where Shock lived, and knew exactly the offer to give to him: upgrades. Shock was obsessed with them. He had recently had his hearing upgraded. He also had an electoral sensory abilities overlaid on his vision. In other words, he could see electricity running through a wire in the wall, or snaking under the ground. It was a useful way to get rid of the power to a building he was breaking into.

Before that it had been microsensors in his fingertips. But even before that, he had his memory upgraded. Not only did he forget less, he remembered with much more clarity. Like going from black and white tv to an HD Widescreen.

But, his most effective of all his upgrades was his Static Touch. At least, that's what he called it. It's proper name was something like the "Air Static Redirection Node". Basically, it gathered static from the air, and shot a burst of electricity wherever he pointed.

"Mr. Mendoi, I am fully aware of your abilities, but I have orders that you can't know the location of The Center." the same man responded.

"I told you! My name is Shock! Not James, not Mr. Mendoi, or any other name you have on those records!"

The man sighed as the engine on the car came to life. "I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership."


They remained silent the whole car ride, which took an hour, 34 minutes and seventeen seconds if you were counting from the time he turned the engine on to the time he turned it off.

"We're here." the man announced. "Really? I hadn't noticed." Shock grunted sarcastically. The blindfold was removed and he could see he was in a garage. He noticed the pink lines criss-crossing through the ceiling; electrical lines.

The lights flicked on, and the man opened his door. "This way." he said flatly.

They walked toward an elevator at the back of the garage. Once inside, he hit a button and they started to rise. "I have been asked to take you directly to your boss, Tallos."

Shock answered this latest news with an indifferent grunt. Might as well be now rather than later.

The End

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