I'm no Theif...

Dante Singleton fiddled with the remote, changing from one channel to another. "God damnit this is boring," Dante said. He pulled at his earphone, which had begun to make an irritable buzzing sound. Dante growled in frustration and began to rip the earphones out when the lady who had brought him here's warning had replayed itself in his mind.

"Remove the earphones Mr. Singleton, and you will find yourself subjegated to a very painful death." the lady warned.

Dante glared at her. "Sonic disruptors I assume?"

She smiled. "Correct. Of course you should know, your organization sold us them.

Dante gritted his teeth. Had Sintech really sold these dangerous weapons to this, this private military company?

The lady snapped her fingers, grabbing Dante's attention. She rolled her eyes at the man with black hair. "Please wait there Mr. Singleton. Another member of this group shall be arriving momentarily...

Dante closed his eyes, placing his hands on the back of his head. "That weird robot dude must've been the new recruit." he said out loud. He chuckled to himself. "Well this is a break from vampire hunting..."

"Comfortable Mr. Singleton?" Tanya asked, waling into the room.

Dante opened one eye and closed it. “Yeah I’m pretty comfortable.

“Good. Now please, come with me.” Tanya ordered.

Dante chuckled. “And what if I…wish to stay here?”

“The master would like for you to come to him.” Tanya said, her voice rising.

Dante stood up, and a lighting fast motion grabbed the girl by the neck and arm. He leaned his head closer and whispered in Tanya’s ear. “Don’t tell me what to do!” Dante snapped. He released his grip, and smiled and Tanya, who glared at him.

“Right this way sir.” She mumbled, dusting herself off. She then led Dante through the door and down the hallway when Dante spoke up. “Why exactly am I needed here?”

“The master has urgent need of your…skills” Tanya answered him without turning her head. She made her way down a flight of stairs, Dante following close behind.

“Lady, the only thing I’m good at is killing, and from what you’ve told me, killing’s the last thing a thief would need.” Dante said.

“Correct,” Tanya answered, opening a door that led into a pitch-black room. “We require not only your combative skills but also your… how do you say, supernatural encounter experience.

As Dante opened his mouth to speak, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck. “What the hell?” Dante yelled.

“Keep quiet and you’ll be fine, just like our android friend here.”



The End

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