The Center

Gizmo felt a blindfold cover his face. Before they had a chance to tie it, he popped out his mechanical eye. Hiding it in the palm of his hand, Gizmo began recording the trip through the window next to him.

"Why the blindfold?" Gizmo asked the driver.

"We don't want you to see where The Center is. It's a top secert headquarters for our team." Gizmo pointed his eye towards the driver, and saw that it was a girl. She sat proudly in her seat and had a smug look on her face. "Put that eye away. It won't record, the car disables it."

Gizmo slipped his eye back into it's socket, chuckling to himself. She thinks it is just for recording purposes. I guess she doesn't know about the latest feature I installed, the ability of sight.

"What's your name?" Gizmo ran his fingers through his hair, he was never one for riding in automobiles. "We will be working on a team right?"

"Taya." The girl slammed her foot on the brakes. "Welcome to The Center."

Taya ripped the blindfold off of Gizmo's eyes and handed him Callan. He had a simple circut breaker patch placed on his wing. Gizmo peeled it off and Callan chirped happily, then nestled once again in Gizmo's hair.

"Come on in." Taya strided towards the headquarters, her braid bouncing along the small of her back. "I'll show you your room."

Gizmo stepped inside the giant steel doors and gasped. The main room was round and had 3 huge couches surrounding  3 flat screen T.V's.  Gizmo saw a figure on the farthest couch, flipping channels and fiddling with dials on the headphones they were wearing.

"Gizmo, you'll meet people later, hurry up." Taya stomped her foot impatiently and bounded down the stairs next to the steel doors.

Gizmo followed her into a dark room. He looked around for a lightswitch when someone grabbed him from behind.

"Don't move."

The End

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