Stealing our Lives

Take your character and drop them into "The Center". Your character has just been enlisted in a group of master theives. Your Leader's name is Tallos. THey will go on missions, and they will fight amongst themselves.

Eventually they will find a bigger force at work, and have to eventually fight against it or with it.

Gizmo could hear the rain beat against the small window in the corner of the white room he found himself in. He  reached over to the milk crate next to his bed and grabbed his screwdriver and goggles.

The smog was quite heavy this morning, Gizmo coughed as he sat up on the matress he stole yesturday.

"Your life could be better you know." Gizmo told himself, back on his home planet Arvon he was a famous Areohub pilot. "You didn't cause the war."

Arvon was in the middle of a civil war between the half bots and the humans. He was a half bot, most of his chest had been replaced with robotics. Gears, cogs, springs and batteries. It was his only comfort now adays. His Areohub crashed when he made his trip to earth.

Gizmo turned a small lever on the his hip and his chest panel flew open. He oiled the gears that were squeaking, then shut the panel.

"Callan!" Gizmo called putting his goggles across his forehead. A small mechanical bird flew into his hair, nuzzling inside of the brown mop that sat upon his head. Gizmo laughed and exited the hut he built insie of an alley way.

"Stop." A voice called out to Gizmo, who listened and stopped in his tracks. "We are in need of your services."

Gizmo cocked his head to the side and let Callan land on his shoulder. The only services he could provide is unusuall knack for stealing and his ablilty to hack into any security on Earth. Arvon was ahead of the Earthlings in securtiy affairs.

"How did you find me?" Gizmo turned toward the voice, but only saw the darkness of the alleyway he had come to know. "Callan, locate."

THe mechanical bird flew from his perch on Gizmo's shoulder and flew towards the voice, attempting to find out who exactly was speaking.

"I've been watching you. I know all of your tricks, don't even think about trying anything." Gizmo heard the clink of metal and the chirp of Callan. "Come with me or your bird will die, or be turned into scrap in this case."

Gizmo sighed. Callan was all he had, other than the streets. The shirt on his back was long gone. The only things he had to his name were a matress, a milk crate a pairof pants and  Callan.

"Where are we going to go?" Gizmo began walking towards the end of the alley."

"The Center, It's time for you to meet Tallos. Welcome to the team."

The End

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