Confusing CircumstancesMature

I sat at my desk for a while after Miranda left. After a few ponderous moments I flipped open my laptop and opened the FBI database. I go to records and type the word "Rhodes", and come up with something interesting.

Miranda seems to have had trouble behaving with the law. I chuckle as I scan through the records. She had been dealing with a shady character only known as X. He dabbled in drug deals, and some violent pranks.

I stood up and grabbed my coat and threw open the door. Which then hit Charlie full force in the face.

"What the hell is wrong with you Officer Dowes?!" Charlie roared as he clutched his nose.

"A lot sir! Sorry sir! Can I get you a bandage sir?" I ask quickly as I step backwards into the office.

"Stop calling me sir! What was that girl asking you for? Charlie demanded as he examined his fingers which were glistening red.

"Um...private investigating business sir," I respond as I shuffle to the left and grab my gun from the drawer.

"Must be important if you're grabbing your weapon," Charlie mutters as he wipes his nose with his handkerchief.

"Yes sir. Be back in about an hour," I say as I scoot past him and begin briskly walking to the exit.

Once outside I look down Brooklyn Street. Just where I was expecting stood X. I placed my hand in my pocket which held my gun, and began walking toward his typical spot underneath the bridge besides the dumpsters.

"Excuse me sir!" I shout over the passing cars.

"Oh shit!" X stands up and instantly runs.

I grunt and begin chasing him. We run through a couple of alley's and end up in a junk yard. I lose him among all of the random pieces of dangerous machinery. I get down on one knee and check to see if he's hiding from me.

While I'm looking he leaps on to my back. I hit the gravel hard, and we begin rolling around. X has a knife in his hand, which I am frantically trying to avoid. I bash his fist into the ground which loosens his group on the knife.

I take this as my chance and pull out my gun.

"Alright now listen up!" I exclaim in between breaths.

"I didn't do anything this time," X assures me.

"Have you been working with a Miranda Rhodes?" I ask.

"Who?" X asks as he rolls around on the gravel.

"Miranda Rhodes! My records say you've dealt with her in the past," I reply as I kick him in his side.

"Ooph! Ok...what do you want exactly?" X asks after he gets his breath back.

I help X to his feet, and just as I'm about to tell him I see a red dot appear on his chest. I try and push him away but I'm to slow. A gunshot cracks the silent air, and X crumbles to the ground dead.

I spin around with my gun frantically looking around for the shooter, but I am all alone in the junk yard. This gets fishier by the minute I think to myself as I turn and leave the junk yard as I dial 911.

The End

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