In the blink of an eye, Twitch jumped across the hall and yanked the handle so that the door swung at a ninety-degree angle perpendicular to the flow of the hallway. Amber dashed as fast as she could through both doorways and into another office with two 2x9 windows.

"Thank god." Amber sighed.

"Hold it!" Another voice from the hallway yelled. "I just saw another one sprint into one of the offices across the hall!"

Twitch slammed the door shut and latched it from the inside. He ran over to one of the windows, looking it up and down. "There's no hinge! It doesn't open!"

Amber took her crowbar and shattered the glass in one blow. "Open sesame."
Both kids looked out the window and down, and quickly realized they were both on the third story.

A few seconds passed.

"Don't worry," Twitch said, edging towards the window. He pointed downwards. "See that open dumpster? It's a couple feet right of where we'd hit if we just dropped off."

She did. This is going to be pleasant. "Let's just hope it's full of something soft. Like clothes. Yeah, let's land in a dumpster full of cardigans, shall we?"

There was a hammering at the door. "Open up!" A muffled voice rang out. "Charles, get the power saw, the door's locked!"

"I think that's our cue."

There was a quick pause in which both thieves looked at each other, and then at the window. "Umm... Ladies first?" Twitch said with a concerned glance.

"Ah, screw you." She took both her and Chad's duffels off her shoulder, leaned forward, and dropped them one-by-one out the window to a satitsfying plunk. Looking to the right, she took a deep breath and jumped out the window.

The End

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