"I've Got This."Mature

They worked like clockwork, Twitch watching the door while the the other two grabbed the money. Methodically, Amber slammed her crowbar into the lock on the cash tray, wrenched the top off, and dumped the cash into her duffel bag. After the third tray, she was able to do it with blinding speed; she unloading cash into her bag, while Chad dumped his money into Twitch's.

Amber had just busted her thirteenth lock when they heard the megaphone.

It was an extremely deep voice, with a rasp that Amber wasn't sure was due to a smoking habit or simply the megaphone itself. Regardless, it made all three stop in their tracks.  "Attention, this is the police." It crackled down the hallway.

"Shit! They're in the loading bay." Chad gasped. He stood up immediately and ran over to Twitch. "I'll get the door, you do what I was doing." Then he glanced over to Amber. "Work faster!" He yelled.

"This is the police." The voice said. "We found your truck, and have a team ready to come in at my command."

"How...  How many do you...  Have?!" Chad yelled, stupidly.

There was a pause. Then the voice came back. "Enough."

Twitch was crying, still fumbling around with a cash tray. "Oh god... Oh god..." He whimpered.

Amber looked towards Twitch and held her finger up to her mouth. "Chad." She whispered intensely, still working on a lock box. "What are we going to do?"

He grasped his hair desperately. "I..." He swallowed. "...Don't know. How many are left?"

"Twelve." Said Twitch, who had apparently been keeping track.

For a second, Chad looked lost - an emotion that Amber had never seen cross Chad's face before. He may have been an ornery S.O.B., but anyone who kept their morals and didn't live in a constant state of denial never survived where they lived. The fact was that Chad was solid steel. Nothing could faze him. Amber's hope slipped a little more when she saw his vacant expression.

More worryingly, though, was what happened after. Chad's eyebrows perked up, as if remembering something. He showed an evil grin full of yellow, unkempt teeth and stared right into Amber's soul. "I've got this." He said, pulling out a pistol.

The End

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