A Cache of CashMature

The hallway was remarkably like the loading bay itself. Composed mainly of cement, it contained about a dozen doorways and was lit by three exit signs: One by the entrance they had just graciously made, another at the end of the hallway, and the third over one of the other doors.

Twitch popped up out of the darkness very abruptly, scaring Amber half to death. "Come here guys," he said, gasping for breath, "There's only one that's locked!"

Each member of the trio ran, crowbars in hand, towards the door Twitch was speaking of. Sure enough, the nametag to the right of the door told them all they needed to know: Jenson, CFO.

Gleefully, Chad and Amber yanked the door off its hinges and strutted inside. Within lay a rather fancy mahogany desk, complete with a glorious executive chair and a Mac computer fit for a king. In the corner sat a large metal cabinet with a padlock on the front.

"Easily remedied." Amber muttered, before raising her crowbar and removing the lock with a single, well-placed blow.

Twitch threw open the doors to the cabinet and was greeted with stacks of cash trays. He tossed one to Chad, who subsequently dropped it on the ground and busted it open with his crowbar. Inside was a tidy sum of cash, easily amounting to around five thousand dollars.

Sirens blared in the background.

"Holy hell." Twitch gasped.

"Holy hell is right." Chad laughed. "How many are there?"

Amber took a second and counted them up. She hadn't gone all the way through middle school, but she knew for a fact that what she saw was her future. "Fifty at least." She said. "Probably more."

"Crowbar time!" Chad yelled.

The End

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