"Make that two-and-a-half minutes!" Chad laughed, then set his eyes on the road. "Buckle up, chucklenuts."

A look of horror suddenly shot up Twitch's face. "Uhh, this car has... Airbags, y'know? Right?"

"I guess we'll find out." Amber mused.

And so they shot out of the alleyway and into the building.

There weren't many ways to describe what Amber felt upon impact. Her whole body seemed to bounce off the airbags into every surface in the whole car. She felt her neck pop very loudly, heard a crunch, and then felt blood running down her face.

The next thing she knew, she was being pulled out of the car by Chad. Amber fell immediately on the ground, dizzy beyond belief. Eventually she found her footing and managed to stand with Twitch's help.

"Damn, girl." Chad said. "Your nose is busted pretty badly."

"Shut up or your face'll be busted pretty badly." Amber turned around and examined the impressively large hole the truck had made in the concrete wall. Debris lay all over the place, and the vehicle was completely busted. "Wow." She gasped.

"Come on, Amber!" Twitch pulled at her arm. "We only have two minutes!"

The End

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