A long, intense silence followed. Twitch ducked behind Amber's seat, emerging with his face mask on. The homeless man looked from Amber to Chad very slowly. Both stared back at him with cold eyes. No one moved for almost a full minute, as the vagrant's hands eventually came in front of him in a gesture of guiltlessness.

After what seemed like forever, he spoke.

"You guys don't have to do this." He said, simply.

Amber almost laughed at the irony of it all, instead turning to Chad, who was scowling menacingly. "You'd do best to shut your trap and leave, old man." Chad said.

The vagrant almost interjected once again, thought better of it, and closed his eyes. He picked up his cup and walked away slowly. Amber reached for the passenger door, slammed it shut, and began rubbing her temples repeatedly.

Chad breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He looked in the back. "Twitch, did he see you?"

"Yeah, but I got my mask on before he looked my way."


They sat there for a few minutes in silence. Then Chad grinned, turned around, and playfully tossed Twitch's head. "Sweet." He looked at the dash clock, which read: 4:52. "NYPD changes shift at 5:00. We're hitting at 4:57. As soon as we get through that wall, we need to get straight to the office and snag the cash boxes. Kapish?"

Amber and Twitch nodded.

"Dorkus, hand up two of the duffles."

Twitch grimaced, and forked over two navy blue duffel bags that were sitting beside him.  "I wish you wouldn't call me that, y'know?"

Chad waved him off, put one of the bags in his lap, and unzipped it. He withdrew a crowbar and held it out for his friends to see. "To break open any locked doors." Then he put it back in the sack and dropped it to the floorboard. "Put it under your guys's feet so we can grab it as soon as we make contact."

Amber's heart was pounding in her chest - so hard that she thought she might explode. But she had to keep herself together. If not for her, then for Page. She took a deep breath, put the duffel under her feet, and nodded at Chad.

With a rare, sad smile, Chad looked them over once more. "You guys ready?"



"Alright, ladies and gentlemen." He shifted the car back into drive. "When the alarm goes off, we should have about two minutes before the cops arrive. So act quickly."

"Chad!" Twitch gasped, looking out the window.


"It's snowing." The boy said, smiling.

Sure enough, Amber looked out the windshield to see a cascade of heavy, yet magnificent, snowfall. The streetlamps shone off each individual snowflake, providing a beautiful phenomena that Amber had never noticed before.

She needed to do this.

The End

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