The HeistMature

The holidays were huge in central Manhattan, and no building flaunted its wealth like Macy's Herald Square. It was a constant presence, an intimidating tower of capitalism where tourists flocked to dump their money by the truckload.

Inside was more of the same picture. All along the walls sat superfluous merchandise, each item marked up to exorbitant prices. Not a single thing in that building was essential. No person in the world needed a teddy bear. No person in the world needed a box of chocolates. No person in the world needed a turtleneck sweater. But the American middle-class sure thought they needed all of that, and more.

Meanwhile, Amber couldn't afford AZT for herself, or Insulin for her sister. It made her sick.

It made Chad sick, too. Twitch was in the same boat as Amber. In essence, they were just three kids put off to the side by society. But in the next hour, Amber intended to show the corrupt world just how much damage three homeless orphans could do.

The plan was simple, really. While the '94 security revolution had certainly impacted Herald Square, the building itself had certain weaknesses that couldn't be changed with $15,000 of anti-theft equipment. Namely, the walls. Businesses such as Macy's surrounded themselves in concrete, lulling them into a false sense of security. After all, who in their right mind would jeopardize their own safety by trying to drive through a Chevy through a  concrete wall at five in the morning?

"People in desperate situations do desperate things." Chad said.

The End

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