Christmas in NYCMature

A short story that I'm doing for a college scholarship. Thought I'd put it up here first and get some of it done this way.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"  Twitch asked.

Amber rolled her eyes, sighed, and turned away to watch the city lights fly by through the truck's frosted window.  "Hardly."

Chad took another puff of his Malboro and glanced over his shoulder at the kid.  "You knew it would be dangerous."  He muttered, annoyed, "Hell -- I tried to convince Amber not to let you come."  He turned his head back to the road, only stopping to shoot an accusatory glance at Amber.  "Why did you even consider inviting him?"

"I figured we'd need someone to hold the bag."

Chad scoffed.  "Pshh.  Yeah right."

In truth, Chad was correct.  Twitch was almost frighteningly scrawny, and possessed an obvious nervous tick - hence the name:  Twitch.  Amber only brought him along so he could be involved.  Involvement meant takeaway cash, and Twitch needed money just as bad as the rest of them.  Of course Chad was upset.  His cut went from 50% to 33%, but Amber thought maybe that would instill in him a sense of humility that he needed so desperately.  

"Is this it?"  Chad asked.

Amber leaned forward, squinted at the cross streets up ahead, and nodded.  The beaten blue '82 Chevy rolled into an alleyway and squealed to a stop.  

This is intense, Thought Amber.  For a moment, she considered proposing that they just go home and leave, no harm done.  But then she turned to Chad, who was looking surprisingly calm.  That gave Amber a little bit more confidence.  A subsequent glance at Twitch did not yield the same results, however.

"I don't know, guys.  Aren't you scared?"  He stopped.  "N-not that I am or anything.  That would be stupid, right?"  Twitch was shivering, but most likely that was only partly due to fear.  New York in December was something akin to a sprawling, smoggy ice cube.

Chad slipped the truck into park and leaned forward, retrieving a shopping bag.

Out of the bag came three black ski masks.

"Yeah, Twitch."  Chad said, pulling the ski mask over his face.  "It would be pretty stupid.  We are way past the point of being scared, now."

The End

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