Stays Four The Same

taking a look at 4 different teens in high school as they try and figure everything out and find out who they truly are


    As I sat in class, paying no attention to the teacher whatsoever, I realized two things

  1. My hair smells fantastic in my new strawberry shampoo


  1. Auden Woods was wearing the same shirt as me, and that was completely unacceptable.

I don’t understand the nerve of some people. Personally as a freshman, I feel like I did this school a favor. I graced these hallways with my angel like glow, which some people don’t appreciate, and plan on conquering the school by junior year.

          Some say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but frankly if you’re friends with me you won’t even want diamonds. Being friends with me is like being the coolest of the cool. There is no other way you can possible describe it. I have the nicest clothes, the shiniest bling, and a perfect boyfriend. Ethan Halder, Mr. Hottie McHottersons for short.

          I can imagine exactly what you’re thinking. “Omg I bet you’re like a cheerleader. Any you run around shaking you’re pom poms.” And you would be wrong. I don’t cheer. In fact I don’t even sweat. Sweating is disgusting. Why would I ruin my nicely done makeup for a few drops of water?  If you said I wouldn’t you would be correct.Ding ding ding50 points for you!

          On a side note I would just like to let everyone know not to mess with me. We once had a substitute who told me that I couldn’t text in class and they didn’t even last the whole day. You would be surprised on how fast a little rumor on “inappropriate touching” can travel. Now said substitute can’t teach anywhere in the district, or anywhere in the state of New York for that matter. Ahh the shame.  

          I love making people cry. Their tears are like sweet drops of power for me. I love to watch them squirm till they break. It reminds me that I’m still on top, untouchable. And trust me, I was going make Auden Woods cry till her tears turned to blood.

The End

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