Chapter OneMature

The fire from the lighter made the inside of the car warm when Mis lit the end of her cigarette. As she took a deep inhale, she could feel the smoke fill her lungs.All she could think was how she was damaging her body. Mis didn't seem or look like the type of person to pick up on such a bad habit. Her doll like figure made her look innocent to others, unless you knew who she really was. The nineteen year old gymnast had her brown hair tied up in a bun on top of her head.The navy blue hollister sweatshirt she was wearing with a light grey tank top underneath fit nicely with her hour glass shape.You can see her mid-drift from where her tank top ended and where her baggie black sweatpants start right at her hips. Mis took another drag from her cigarette. In the darkness of the car an orange light glowed around her cute heart shape face. The nights were starting to become cold as fall came. Mis could hear the rain coming down hard on her silver 2003 Jetta as she drove to her friend Toad's house.

By the time she got there, her cigarette was already at the filter. She flicked the butt out the window dreading the run she was about to make in the rain. She opened the car door and booked it over to his back porch. As soon as she was about to knock, the door flew open and a 5'8 skinny boy with shaggy blonde hair was standing there.

"Yo," he said. His green eyes were looking her up and down. 

"And who might you be?" a smile appeared on his face when he asked.

Toad, whose only 5'3, popped out from behind rolling a blunt in his hand. As he licked a piece of the leaf down, he looked at Mis and then looked at his friend. He chuckled and shaken his head. 

"Well this can't be good," Toad said. "Mis, this is Rj. And Rj, this is Mis."
"Nice to met you, gorgeous," Rj said to Mis.
"Alright, let's go. Come on Mis, were going on an L ride," Toad interrupted.

The End

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