I looked at the two strangers, trying to make out who they were and whether they were safe or not.

"Don't worry. We don't bite."Said the boy, Jack, in a heavy Texan accent.

Crissie elbowed Jack, "d'you reckon she talks at all?"

"I do.."I said in a small voice.

"Well what's your name then?"Demanded Jack

"B-b-bast!"I squeaked.

"Are you a demon?"Asked Crissie warily.

"No... the tall hoodie guy, the one that looked like a gangster in a cape, he put me in his 'game'."I whispered.

"Well, Crissie, looks like we have a new lodger!"Joked Jack.

They each took one of my elbows and towed me out of the graveyard, my legs were shaking so badly, I tripped over once or twice. I felt my face go red, and my whole body was shivering from head to toe. What had thrown me into that grave? Was it a demon like Crissie had mentioned? 

We entered a dark, wooded area and I heard moans and wails coming from the shadows.

"Don't listen, Bast, block out the noises. It's just the Shaman trying to freak you out."Said Crissie in a soft and also very quiet voice.

"Then why are you whispering?"I hissed.

"Because there are real things in these woods that CAN hurt us!"She whispered.

"Home sweet, bloody, home!"Remarked Crissie as we approached a blood splattered lodge, "literally!"

When we entered, I sniffed and pulled a face, the whole place stank of rotting flesh... or what I'd imagine rotting flesh to smell like because I've never actually smelt it before!

Jack switched on a bright light, which momentarily blinded me. I blinked out the white dots and sat down on a chair which was NOT covered in gory scum.

"I think we've got some explaining to do."Said Jack, sitting on the edge of the table.

"Yes, I think you have!"I said, for the first time, loudly.


The End

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